ring (one's) bells

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1. verb, informal To contact (someone or some organization) by telephone. She rang us from Kentucky to say that she had arrived safely. I'll ring the company in the morning and see if they can expedite the delivery.
2. noun, informal A call by telephone. Used especially with the verb "give." I'll give you a ring tomorrow once I know what my plans are.

ring (one's) bells

1. To render one stunned, insensible, or unconscious, as from a physical blow or the effects of a drug. I could hear him bad-mouthing my girlfriend, so I went over and rang his bells with a single left hook to the eye. Be careful with this stuff—it will really ring your bells if you take too much at once.
2. To be keenly attractive, interesting, or exciting to one. A lot of my friends are obsessed with going out and playing basketball or soccer, but reading a good novel is what rings my bells. If I'm honest, he isn't the type of man who would normally ring my bells, but he was so affable and funny that I felt attracted to him nonetheless.
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ring (someone's)

chimes/bells Slang
To knock (an opponent) out by physical or other force.
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Church of Scotland congregations in Renfrewshire are being urged to ring their bells in a show of solidarity and sympathy with France.
She is encouraging churches, where possible, to ring their bells for seven minutes at 7pm tonight, which is roughly the same time as the fire broke out at the 850-year-old Gothic building.
THE Archbishop of Wales is urging churches to ring their bells for peace during a nationwide day of commemorative events marking the centenary of the Armistice, the end of the First World War.
Catholic Archbishop Kim Hee-jung had an emergency meeting with parish officials on Thursday afternoon and decided to send a letter to all churches to encourage them to ring their bells.
To help make as much noise as possible about the project the trust is asking bellringers around the globe to ring their bells show their support.
The TRC encouraged churches to ring their bells at noon to "honour residential school survivors, recognize the formal close of the TRC" and to encourage all Canadians to "commit to working towards a reconciled future for all of Canada."
Some 27 churches across Coventry and Warwickshire have pledged to ring their bells after a two-minute silence at 11am on November 11.
EX-SERVICEMEN and women of the Royal British Legion are asking churches to ring their bells to mark the end of the two minutes silence traditionally held at 11am on November 11.