ring (one's) bells

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1. verb, informal To contact (someone or some organization) by telephone. She rang us from Kentucky to say that she had arrived safely. I'll ring the company in the morning and see if they can expedite the delivery.
2. noun, informal A call by telephone. Used especially with the verb "give." I'll give you a ring tomorrow once I know what my plans are.

ring (one's) bells

1. To render one stunned, insensible, or unconscious, as from a physical blow or the effects of a drug. I could hear him bad-mouthing my girlfriend, so I went over and rang his bells with a single left hook to the eye. Be careful with this stuff—it will really ring your bells if you take too much at once.
2. To be keenly attractive, interesting, or exciting to one. A lot of my friends are obsessed with going out and playing basketball or soccer, but reading a good novel is what rings my bells. If I'm honest, he isn't the type of man who would normally ring my bells, but he was so affable and funny that I felt attracted to him nonetheless.
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ring (someone's)

chimes/bells Slang
To knock (an opponent) out by physical or other force.
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References in classic literature ?
"Nay, nay," said Don Quixote at this; "on that point of the bells Master Pedro is very inaccurate, for bells are not in use among the Moors; only kettledrums, and a kind of small trumpet somewhat like our clarion; to ring bells this way in Sansuena is unquestionably a great absurdity."
Cupich asks Chicago-area parishes to ring bells for Notre Dame Wednesday morning
We don't want Hindus who just go to ring bells in temples sporting a 'choti' and a 'janoi thread'.
In parts of Mindanao, the Church directive to ring bells had been relayed to the Archdiocese of Cagayan de Oro City but apparently misunderstood in another area, the Archdiocese of Cotabato.
Last time that churches around the country joined to ring bells was at the funeral of Finland's former president Urho Kaleva Kekkonen in 1986.
He said: "After we've raised this first lot of money, we're hoping to publicise the project and get people involved by offering to teach them how to ring bells."
"After we've raised this first lot of money we're hoping to publicise the project a little more and get local people involved by offering to teach them how to ring bells."
The event also drew attention to #22days, a campaign among Anglican churches to continue to ring bells throughout the 22 days following the TRC close, up to National Aboriginal Day, June 21.
The following day cathedrals across the country will ring bells at 11am in celebration.
When the quorum was incomplete, the chair ordered to ring bells for five minutes but the house still lacked the required strength, which led the Speaker to adjourn the session for 30 minutes.
The new car is called the Insight, which will ring bells with a few of you because it's the same name that Honda used on its first ever hybrid car.
100 temples in Japan, China ring bells to commemorate priest
In the Evening Gazette (Family Ties Should Ring Bells, 19.02.08) I made the obvious point that MPs should not be involved in the investigation.
Ring Bells? Just in case, let me refresh your memories.