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The others drew back and formed a ring around them.
A couple of soldiers snapped the first ring around the neck of a powerful white slave, and one by one the rest of us were herded to our places, and the work of shackling us neck to neck commenced.
And yet they cheered and waved their spears in triumph, and then, instead of falling back upon us as we expected, they ran forward, for a hundred yards or so, after the flying groups of foemen, took possession of a rising knoll of ground, and, resuming their triple formation, formed a threefold ring around its base.
Contract notice: Technical study for the impregnation of the southern ring around eeklo.
com/ring-around-mars-red-planet-could-join-gas-giants-ring-system-after-demise-phobos-2196772) ring around Mars before crashing to the planet's surface.
The Martian moon is not only cracking under pressure but will eventually shatter and form a ring around the Red Planet, a new study suggests.
She wore the ring around her neck under her nurse's uniform.
TAHRAN (CyHAN)- Currently, Iran is reviewing the issue of construction of a new rail line in order to lock up the railway ring around the Caspian Sea, Iran's Deputy Minister of Roads and Urban Development and CEO of Iranian Railways, Mohsen Pour Seyed Aghaei told Trend Oct.
Place the ring around a young seedling, working it into the ground about an inch.
Ladbrokes spokeswoman Hayley O'Connor was yesterday "sweating" about the result of Elliott's ring around as Beautiful Sound's participation would significantly affect the market.
A GIANT ring around Saturn, which dwarfs all the planet's others, has been discovered by astronomers.
Byline: A giant ring around Saturn which dwarfs all the planet's others has been discovered by astronomers.
A GIANT ring around Saturn which dwarfs all the planet's other rings has been discovered by astronomers.
Shop staff had to ring around rival clubs to get a new supply of K's in .
more will say this poesy smelled like the ring around it.