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The others drew back and formed a ring around them.
A couple of soldiers snapped the first ring around the neck of a powerful white slave, and one by one the rest of us were herded to our places, and the work of shackling us neck to neck commenced.
And yet they cheered and waved their spears in triumph, and then, instead of falling back upon us as we expected, they ran forward, for a hundred yards or so, after the flying groups of foemen, took possession of a rising knoll of ground, and, resuming their triple formation, formed a threefold ring around its base.
I've developed a white ring around the border of my eye.
The Elgin Area Convention & Visitors Bureau is organizing "Ring Around Elgin" to showcase more than a dozen area wedding and special event venues with a free, self-guided tour from 11 a.m.
We all laughed until one day I did run a ring around him and quit, left for a better job.
"Managing a Lotto syndicate of 47 members is a lot of work but it made it all the sweeter when we had to ring around to tell them all the good news."
Surprisingly, the images also revealed a second inner ring around the central core.
WE ARE used to hearing You'll Never Walk Alone ring around Anfield.
The Martian moon is not only cracking under pressure but will eventually shatter and form a ring around the Red Planet, a new study suggests.
The victim was found with an iron ring around his neck.
She wore the ring around her neck under her nurse's uniform.
During the summit of the heads of Caspian Sea countries in Astrakhan, Russian President Vladimir Putin proposed to create a railway ring around the Caspian Sea.
They stay above water by wearing a rubber ring around their neck.