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ring (someone's)

chimes/bells Slang
To knock (an opponent) out by physical or other force.
References in classic literature ?
If I put the ring upon the little finger of my left hand, then I can fly like a bird through the air wherever I wish to go.
When the youth heard all this he determined to try and get possession of the ring, though he did not quite believe in all its wonderful gifts.
I do not think it possible that the ring can have all the power you say it has.
Then the maiden opened the box and took the ring out, and it glittered as she held it like the clearest sunbeam.
D'Artagnan took off the ring, giving it again to Athos.
He took back the ring, but put it in his pocket and not on his finger.
When Sir Richard came, he found stout William, puffed up by the shouts of his friends, walking up and down the ring, daring anyone to come and try a throw with him.
At this all laughed; but above all the laughter a loud voice was heard to cry out, "Sin' thou talkest so big, here cometh one from Nottinghamshire to try a fall with thee, fellow"; and straightway a tall youth with a tough quarterstaff in his hand came pushing his way through the crowd and at last leaped lightly over the rope into the ring.
No law can touch me to harm me, even if I slew him, so that it was fairly done in the wrestling ring.
Nay," said he, "the youth is right; if the other dieth, he dieth in the wrestling ring, where he took his chance, and was cast fairly enow.
I would that he had a fighting chance," said John Harned, facing the ring to see the second bull come in.
It ran around the ring in search of a way to get out.
It was not a good bull, for again it ran around the ring, seeking to find a way out.
You have heard, no doubt, that his wedding ring has been taken.
The man who tears a wedding ring off a dead man's--What do you say to it, Mr.