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Block's team reports that the radius of the inner ring is offset from Andromeda's bright center by roughly 1,600 light-years, or about 40 percent of the ring's average radius.
On July 1, 2004, Cassini flew through the planet's rings on its way into orbit (see "Ringing Saturn").
On the one hand, a reliable sealing needs to be ensured; on the other hand, the surface pressure should be reduced to a minimum being necessary to minimize the wear of the rings.
then Q is a Loop) that the quasigroup ring RQ will be a non-associative ring with unit.
About the same time OGS made that discovery, Sudbury prospector Bob Komarechka approached them about some forest rings he discovered 25 km east of Hearst, thinking they were surface signatures of diamond-bearing kimberlites (kimberlites are extremely negatively charged).
But Capitol Records views singles and ring tones as completely different revenue streams.
Tolkien's trilogy The Lord of the Rings, has a thematic heft and character depth worthy of the Oxford don's original novel.
This 1926 male engagement ring campaign drew on a gendered understanding of "tradition," one that served to legitimize a new consumer rite.
In 86% of the 23,298 treatment cycles assessed, the women adhered to the dosing regimen--meaning that they used the ring continually for 19-23 days and then removed the device for the final 6-8 days of the cycle.
Another Somme image comes with the fall of Sauron after the destruction of the Ring.
It controls access to the ring and arbitrates competing requests for use of ring bandwidth.
An athlete with poor core strength will be unable to effect a good power base, causing him to (1) bend over in the middle of the ring and (2) thrust his left leg into the bucket and shift his hips onto his support leg.
One Ring Networks, provider of next generation end-to-end telecommunications services, addressed these problems today when it announced the deployment of the Internap Flow Control Platform([TM]) (FCP), a premise-based appliance that proactively optimizes network traffic.
The brilliant back lighting provided a rare opportunity for Cassini to see microscopic ring particles that are usually too faint to be recorded.