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before the rinderpest

Long ago. Rinderpest is a contagious and often fatal cattle disease that has decimated Africa's cattle population at various times throughout history. Primarily heard in South Africa. Before the rinderpest, this area was hardly developed at all.
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since the rinderpest

For a long time; since olden times. Rinderpest is a contagious and often fatal cattle disease that has decimated Africa's cattle population at various times throughout history. Primarily heard in South Africa. I bet that dilapidated old barn has been here since the rinderpest.
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before (or since) the rinderpest

a long time ago (or for a very long time). South African
Rinderpest is a contagious viral disease of cattle that periodically caused heavy losses in much of Africa. The 1896 epidemic was so devastating that it was treated as a historical landmark, so giving rise to this expression.
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With intensive vaccinations, rinderpest was completely wiped out, not only in Africa but globally in 2011.
(16.) It may be that this initiative failed largely because of the Rinderpest, which decimated the store of capital which formed the basis for many who would have otherwise invested in the Basuto Pioneer Trading Company.
Veterinary science; environment; rinderpest; local knowledge; livestock; zoonoses; veterinary regulations.
Understanding the roots of the Namibian war and genocide should be refocused to begin at the onset of the 1897 rinderpest episode.
PPRV is an RNA virus, which is closely related to the measles, rinderpest, and distemper viruses [10].
The British went to war with Afrikaners, the devastating cattle epidemic rinderpest spread across the land, and the Zulu king Dinuzulu returned from exile.
ILLNESS and deaths from most vaccine-preventable diseases targeted since 1980 have declined by 80% or more because of widespread vaccination - but only smallpox and the little known animal disease rinderpest have been successfully wiped out.
Others describe the town of Schoemansdal; prospectors; railway lines; transportation, including the role of Alois Hugo Nellmapius and the influence of tsetse flies, malaria, and the rinderpest epidemic on development; the demarcation of the border between Mozambique and South Africa; game conservation and the proclamation of the Sabie Game Reserve; the war with the British Empire; the early evolution and development of the reserve and park, including the first rangers and ranger posts; quests for buried treasures; graves; Crooks Corner; the role of the Witwatersrand Native Labour Association; early supporters and benefactors; and memorials.
Diseases such as smallpox in humans and rinderpest in cattle have been eradicated, and other diseases such as poliomyelitis and tetanus are now rare as a result of vaccination.
As a byproduct of beef industry, FBS supply is complicated by health concern such as BSE (bovine spongiform encephalitis), FMD (foot and mouth disease) and rinderpest, to name a few (Invitrogen online).
Rinderpest was caused by a virus similar to the one that causes measles.
Protection against rinderpest disease: a vaccinated and challenge study in Angus calves.
Joining forces with UN agencies is the most efficient recipe, which already created success stories, such as the eradication of rinderpest this year," said the Cmmissioner for Development, Andris Piebalgs.
For strengthening livestock services for livestock disease control in the country and eradication of rinderpest across the country it has also proposed an allocation of Rs 8.053 million in the PSDP 2010-11 against the total estimated cost of Rs 1992.660 million.