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be riled up

To be angry, agitated, or in a frenzied state. Grandpa was riled up as soon as Uncle Ned mentioned the local election.
See also: rile, up

get riled up

To become angry or agitated or enter into a frenzied state. Grandpa got all riled up as soon as Uncle Ned mentioned the local election.
See also: get, rile, up

rile up

To cause someone or some group to become particularly excited and animated, especially in an angry or irritated manner. A noun or pronoun can be used between "rile" and "up." Seeing that kind of injustice on the news always riles me up to no end. The politician has a knack for riling up his rallies with rhetoric that demeans and vilifies his opponents. The boss's comments really riled Sarah up.
See also: rile, up

rile someone up

to get someone excited and angry. He yelled at them and riled them up. They left quite angry. He riles up everyone he talks to.
See also: rile, up

be/get (all) ˌriled ˈup

(informal, especially American English) be/get very annoyed about something: Instead of getting all riled up about this, we should try to figure out what to do.
See also: get, rile, up
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We riled them in the opening 20 minutes and it worked for us.
But she clearly riled him with her accusations over immigration.
KANYE West's stage-hogging antics at the MTV Awards riled a lot of folk.
RILED Ronaldo has blasted back at Brazilian legend Pele over claims his career is finished.
It's like a new controversy is always needed to keep the masses properly riled up, with the Muslim Brotherhood, Hezbollah, Hamas, etc.
Like Basle before them, the Steaua players riled Boro with their celebrations after the 1-0 first leg win, and Bates is determined to help send them the same way as the Swiss at the Riverside Stadium next Thursday.
Indy was pretty riled up as well, and as Fuck Those Dudes hit the sheet she began yelling at all the drunken adults in front of her who were making better doors than windows.
Something must have riled him enough to do for Pompey what he rarely did for us.
But this time it's not the lack of parking space which has riled hospital staff - it's how they have to pay for the space they can find
But it also has a per-capita income almost matching that of the United States--so who's going to get riled up enough to start an online revolution?
We've become too comfortably single-issued to get riled up about the renewal of the end-of-welfare-as-we-know-it law, which would punish the poor while rewarding heterosexual marriage.
The Prime Minister's spokesman riled head teachers by saying plans for more specialist schools signalled the end of the 'bog standard' comprehensive.
RILED Glenn Roeder last night denied fellow boss Stuart Pearce's claim that Newcastle are part of the relegation dogfight.
Mexican presidential candidate Felipe Calderon's slim victory in Sunday's hotly contested election riled some Mexican expatriates living in the United States, but most saw the conservative politician's win as a welcome step for the country's budding democracy.