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be riled up

To be angry, agitated, or in a frenzied state. Grandpa was riled up as soon as Uncle Ned mentioned the local election.
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get riled up

To become angry or agitated or enter into a frenzied state. Grandpa got all riled up as soon as Uncle Ned mentioned the local election.
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rile up

To cause someone or some group to become particularly excited and animated, especially in an angry or irritated manner. A noun or pronoun can be used between "rile" and "up." Seeing that kind of injustice on the news always riles me up to no end. The politician has a knack for riling up his rallies with rhetoric that demeans and vilifies his opponents. The boss's comments really riled Sarah up.
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rile someone up

to get someone excited and angry. He yelled at them and riled them up. They left quite angry. He riles up everyone he talks to.
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be/get (all) ˌriled ˈup

(informal, especially American English) be/get very annoyed about something: Instead of getting all riled up about this, we should try to figure out what to do.
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Sergeant Kolane o rile bomme ba mapodisi ba leka go supa gore tiro ya bone ga se go tshwara badira-molato fela mme setshaba se ka kopa dithuso mo go bone fa ba na le letlhoko.
E rile a bua mo letsatsing leo mothusa moeteledipele wa Brothers and Sisters, Rre Goratagaone Seshoka a tlhalosa fa leobo le lopile dikete tse nne le makgolo a robabobedi a dipula.
Dowling quickly built up a huge lead on the 12-1 shot and, although coming to the end of his tether in the final half-mile, The Rile still had nine lengths to spare over his rivals, headed by Eastern Tribute, at the line.
O rile le fa go ne go se motlhofo go ikapela dinotshe kwa pheletsong o ne a di bona mme a di tsenya mo lebokosong a di tsenyetsa sukuri.
Rile had left for work at 6 a.m., but had returned an hour later and could not locate his wife, according to a police report.
We have to make sure we play well, get under their skin and rile them a little bit.
HAYDOCK: 1.10 Beaver Run (nap), 1.40 Follow Me, 2.10 Welsh March, 3.10 The Rile, 4.10 Westmeath Flyer.
O rile kgwebo ya temo ya ditlhare e tshwana le ngwana yo monnye, e batla lerato le tlhokomelo e e tseneletseng go atlega, ka jalo o rwala masigo thogo a ya kwa tshingwaneng ya gagwe go lekola le go di nosa letsatsi le letsatsi.
Ba rile fa barekisi ba galala dingwaga tsa motho ba kope Omang.
Gompieno botshelo jwame bo fetogile go menagane ka ke dirisa bokgoni jwame go itshetsa ka Motswana a rile phokoje go tshela yoo dithetsenyana,'a tshwaela.
But while Redman - who admits Peterhead set out to rile Celtic with an aggressive approach - apologised to Ledley the Blue Toon player is adamant he did nothing wrong.
Mogolwane yo o ne a tlhalosetsa morafe gore e rile ka 2016 ba lemoga fa dikgaolwana tse dingwe di setse di godile di tlhokana le dikomiti tsa ditlhabololo tsa motse, nngwe ya tsone e le kgaolwana ya Ghanzi Borwa.
However, he did admit Peterhead's plan to rile the Hoops had worked to an extent, even though the Third Division minnows ended up on the wrong end of a 3-0 scoreline at Balmoor.
Dubliner Adrian, known to rile his listeners and guests, was to present his show last Friday but producer Jeremy Dixon filled in after the messages.
E rile Mme Onika Molefe a tlhalosa ka kabo dimpho eo, a supa fa go aba e le tsela ya go supa lorato mo go ba bangwe e bile ba dira thomo ya Modimo e le kereke.