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be riled up

To be angry, agitated, or in a frenzied state. Grandpa was riled up as soon as Uncle Ned mentioned the local election.
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get riled up

To become angry or agitated or enter into a frenzied state. Grandpa got all riled up as soon as Uncle Ned mentioned the local election.
See also: get, rile, up

rile up

To cause someone or some group to become particularly excited and animated, especially in an angry or irritated manner. A noun or pronoun can be used between "rile" and "up." Seeing that kind of injustice on the news always riles me up to no end. The politician has a knack for riling up his rallies with rhetoric that demeans and vilifies his opponents. The boss's comments really riled Sarah up.
See also: rile, up

rile someone up

to get someone excited and angry. He yelled at them and riled them up. They left quite angry. He riles up everyone he talks to.
See also: rile, up

be/get (all) ˌriled ˈup

(informal, especially American English) be/get very annoyed about something: Instead of getting all riled up about this, we should try to figure out what to do.
See also: get, rile, up
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The Rile looks capable of a bold show, probably at the chief expense of the consistent Caesar's Palace.
The Rile was bought to give Brian Storey a farewell winner at Carlisle on Monday but unfortunately the fixture was abandoned.
Wilfredo Adorable, finishing with 22 points, led the campaign of Batang Riles in clinching victory against the formidable opponent, Rems.
In a forum, RILES Spokesperson Sammy Malunes blamed the privatized setting of the MRT and LRT for the elevated railway system's inefficient service.
Hindi lang po dito sa MRT-3, kundi sa lahat ng sistema ng riles,' he added.
POINTLess counters this problem by compressing riles by up to 94 percent so that they can be e-mailed and downloaded faster, while taking up less disk space.
Shanties along or on railroad tracks had been called homes 'along da riles' (homes along the tracks), after the popular 1990s television comedy series 'Home Along Da Riles,' which starred the late comedian Dolphy.
Court action riles Gilmour From Back Page be denied a place in the Champions League and Motherwell, Dundee United and St Johnstone all prevented from a spot in the Europa League.
The Riles Laan sa Sambayanaan (Riles) Network said the privatization is "an absolute state abandonment of a basic public service which would give more burden and danger to commuters," Riles spokesman Sammy Malunes said.
The commuter group Riles Laan sa Sambayanan (Riles Network) and the Nagkaisa labor coalition will be leading the protest actions at various stations of the Metro Rail Transit (MRT) and Light Rail Transit (LRT).
What riles us is that we've had four lean years and we've not won enough of these big games in recent times to regard Welford Road as a fortress.
Good to see international recognition for Accies players but the continued exclusion of Big Brian Easton riles.