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all right(y) already

Please stop; that's enough. Typically used as an expression of frustration. All right already! We can have pizza for dinner tonight, just stop whining about it! All righty already! I'm turning off the TV because I can't watch that movie one more time!
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all righty

slang A sentence substitute used when one agrees to something or acknowledges something, similar to "OK" or "sure." The addition of "-y" at the end of "right" is intended to be very informal or humorous. All righty, let's go to the movies tonight. A: "I'm going out, I'll be back tonight." B: "All righty, see you later."
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all righty

Inf. All right.; OK. Tom: Let's go to the state fair. Bill: All righty, let's do that. Everybody ready? All righty, then, let's get started.
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All right(y) already!

Inf. an impatient way of indicating agreement or acquiescence. Alice: All right already! Stop pushing me! Mary: I didn't do anything! Bill: Come on! Get over here! Bob: All righty already! Don't rush me!
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All right already!

and All righty already!
phr. All right!; Okay. (The second version is more comical than rude.) All right already! Stop pushing me!
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All righty already!

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Since lefties play righties on a consistent basis, they are more accustomed to returning the serve cross-court to the server's off hand, and the righty is more comfortable serving cross-court because he is usually playing another righty and the serve would be to the opponent's offhand.
That leaves first baseman Mark Teixeira as the best righty bat in the lineup, though second baseman Robinson Cano is capable of switch hitting.
A recent study examined how being either lefty or righty affects feeding mechanics of largemouth bass.
0x20 The 23 year old righty likely will be organizational depth for Boston.
Singh, a left hander, won the contest and Patel, a righty, came in second.
They are not exact images--lefty might be fuller, righty smaller.
Whenever a horse beats a more fancied stable companion, it has the alarm bells ringing, and there were a few mutterings following Righty Ho's length victory over Life Is Beautiful in the Mary Reveley Racing Club Claiming Stakes.
In a particularly dramatic example, the genome of the lefty Euhadra quaesita is almost identical to that of the righty Euhadra aomoriensis, the researchers report.
Here, he says, are some of the things you need to think about when you're choreographing for hand puppets: Is the puppeteer a righty or a left?
Norah Vincent, an unabashed righty whose writings once so offended transsexuals that they picketed her newspaper's office, is now a contributor to the op-ed pages of the Los Angeles Times (as well as a writer on this page).
Greg was one of the few pitchers ever to hurl both lefty and righty in a major-league game, and currently runs a private Strike-Zone Pitching School.
All righty then," Ace responds, and knocks out her escort with one punch, picks him up and "wears" the diplomat around his neck, stroking the body the way the woman had stroked the fur.
But the race was marred by a bad fall for jockey Kevin Hodgson who was unshipped from Righty Ho in the straight.