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all right(y) already

Please stop; that's enough. Typically used as an expression of frustration. All right already! We can have pizza for dinner tonight, just stop whining about it! All righty already! I'm turning off the TV because I can't watch that movie one more time!
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all righty

slang A sentence substitute used when one agrees to something or acknowledges something, similar to "OK" or "sure." The addition of "-y" at the end of "right" is intended to be very informal or humorous. All righty, let's go to the movies tonight. A: "I'm going out, I'll be back tonight." B: "All righty, see you later."
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all righty

Inf. All right.; OK. Tom: Let's go to the state fair. Bill: All righty, let's do that. Everybody ready? All righty, then, let's get started.
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All right(y) already!

Inf. an impatient way of indicating agreement or acquiescence. Alice: All right already! Stop pushing me! Mary: I didn't do anything! Bill: Come on! Get over here! Bob: All righty already! Don't rush me!
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All right already!

and All righty already!
phr. All right!; Okay. (The second version is more comical than rude.) All right already! Stop pushing me!
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All righty already!

See also: all, righty
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The 6-foot-5, 195-pound righty also has 56 strikeouts in 57 innings.
The Heroes will start former major leaguer righty Esmil Rogers.
And while Trump is a righty, he does have a pretty odd connection to left-handedness.
Lane pitchers who accounted for about 320 of this year's 360 innings are expected back, led by 6-5 left-hander Austin Crowson of Monroe, who was 4-1 with a 2.81 ERA as a freshman, and 6-4 righty reliever Drew Smernes out of Churchill.
I'm not saying other ethnicities don't litter as well but if you think white Welsh and British don't litter, you're either a sheep in the crowd or a deluded righty bigot.
The Royals have activated left-hander Tim Collins of Worcester from the 15-day disabled list and optioned righty Aaron Brooks to Triple-A Omaha.
According to details terrorists planted 35 Kg explosives close to Righty Way Hotel near City Police Station along National highway.
I'm told: "She trotted on in hot pants, went to the top deck and sat taking pictures of herself." Righty ho.
Now, being I am a righty, I would like to know how hard it is to put in a right-handed safety?
From the Lab--Individuals of certain species of fish have been shown to fall into lefty and righty categories.
A lot of kids growing up when he did-my generation-were forced to play righty because there were so few lefty clubs," he said.
The Giants weren't done, sending minor leaguer Daniel Turpen to the Red Sox in exchange for Ramon Ramirez.0x20 The Red Sox righty reliever had a 0-3 record with a pair of saves for Boston this season.
We say, "Screw sin and return (righty tighty) to the gospel."
Singh, a left hander, won the contest and Patel, a righty, came in second.