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(I) can't rightly say

I don't know with certainty. A: "How many people are coming to dinner tonight?" B: "I can't rightly say—my family tends to just show up without responding to invitations."
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I don't rightly know

I'm unsure about something; I don't have a response or suggestion right now. I don't rightly know what they're doing here—I didn't invite them, I swear! I don't rightly know what he was thinking when he made such a ridiculous statement.
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(I) can't rightly say.

Rur. I do not know with any certainty. Fred: When do you think we'll get there? Bill: Can't rightly say. Bob: Okay, how does this look to you? Bill: I can't rightly say. I've never seen anything like it before.
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I don't rightly know.

Rur. I do not know. Tom: When will Joe be getting back? Charlie: I don't rightly know. Jane: What's the difference between a first cousin and a first cousin once removed? Mary: I don't rightly know.
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