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(I) can't rightly say

I don't know with certainty. A: "How many people are coming to dinner tonight?" B: "I can't rightly say—my family tends to just show up without responding to invitations."
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(I) can't rightly say.

Rur. I do not know with any certainty. Fred: When do you think we'll get there? Bill: Can't rightly say. Bob: Okay, how does this look to you? Bill: I can't rightly say. I've never seen anything like it before.
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I don't rightly know.

Rur. I do not know. Tom: When will Joe be getting back? Charlie: I don't rightly know. Jane: What's the difference between a first cousin and a first cousin once removed? Mary: I don't rightly know.
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From beginning to end, Christ's relationship with the man was from the heart, thus he was able to see rightly and see what was essential.
I remain mystified why Swansea, so badly bombed, never celebrates the boy from Cockett, Dr Edward (Eddie or Taffy) Bowen who rightly was responsible for airborne radar.
He (Prevete) is without doubt a dangerous individual and will rightly spend the next 23 years behind bars.
Fine Rightly justified the highlyprohibitive odds of 1-10 when making a winning debut over jumps in the EBF "National Hunt" Novices' Hurdle Qualifier.
One would be Nick Easter, who I think is rightly considered one of the more experienced players in the squad and is rightly respected.
from zoo visitors, but the prospect of euthanizing those animals has rightly drawn a collective "Oh, no
SOMEONE WHO REFUSES to consider voting for a woman as president is rightly deemed a sexist.
The organization, though, is armed, and during its history has undertaken operations that can rightly be described as terrorism.
Good pedagogy rightly emphasizes the visual and tangible, which were perhaps not always so accentuated in schools of former times.
Shanghai is rightly known as China's Gateway, but for whom, the non-Chinese entrepreneurs, or the Chinese exporters?
Archbishop Hutchison rightly makes the distinction between the policies of the Israeli government and the Jewish communities.
Malina rightly understands that Jesus' preaching of the kingdom must have economic and political repercussions, and he rightly perceives that the kingdom of God must be a face-to-face fictive kinship or collective social relationship.
On Having Mis-Identified a Wild Flower": A thrush, because I'd been wrong, / Burst rightly into song / In a world not vague, not lonely, / Not governed by me only.