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a righteous collar

A morally and legally justified arrest. The police officer is being challenged to prove that she made a righteous collar. The judge agreed that it was a righteous collar, throwing out the defendant's motion to have the case dismissed.
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slang Excellent; awesome. Wow, that was a righteous concert! A: "I just heard they released a brand-new album today!" B: "Whoa, righteous!"
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mod. good; of good quality. (Originally black.) She is a righteous mama.

righteous collar

n. a justifiable arrest. (As opposed to a setup or a frame.) Spike was taken in, and the gang agreed it was a righteous collar. Mooshoo was caught red-handed.
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Keep the kiddies at home and enjoy some "subversive, ridiculous, sublime, controversial, lovely, righteously political" puppetry.
I think Dole and Minute Maid would get righteously defensive about not being considered "prominent brands" by a design guru at Tropicana, and there is another reason for the brouhaha that may be more important.
Last year he nibbled at the edges of mainstream popularity with a righteously angry and delightfully funky anti-war album, Yell Fire.
CARDIFF County Council has a policy of self righteously calling on the public to act responsibly with regard to recycling their rubbish.
However, reliving those good old days came to a disturbing halt, as I became righteously disgusted by Mr.
They were both, as we used to say, "righteously" stoned.
Moreover, when one of the corporately underwritten political parties who run this country gets us into a quagmire of a war, and the other corporately underwritten political parties can't get us out, I think all of us are entitled to be righteously, Old Testament Yahwehly, smite-them-with-a-thunderboltly pissed off.
1 Contestants at the premiere of Bravo's Project Runway 2 Lovely lasses from Girls in Wonderland pool party in Florida 3 Former CURVE editorial assistant Lauren Marie Fleming and CURVE's handy office manager, Meriah Miracle, ham it up at the Long Beach Pride CURVE booth, June 2006 4 Kevin Cathcart and Billie Jean King at Lambda Legal 5 Hard-working volunteers Desiree Figueroa (left) and partner Deborah Alcantara at Atlanta Pride, June 2006 6 Patrice Walls, a twirler for ROTC, Righteously Outrageous Twirling Corps, at St.
Water Exercises For Fibromyalgia teaches readers which medications, vitamins and minerals, herbs, diets, nutritional supplements, and partners may assist to righteously validate water exercise treatment and experience, and is very highly recommended to all readers diagnosed with fibromyalgia, as well as those simply seeking an efficient work out plan and life-style instructional guide for the betterment of their general physical health.
Providing art students and scholars with an in-depth understanding of the history and comprehensive production of their eclectic and contemporary artistry, Arthur Mathews and Lucia Mathews are presented as artists who were progressive for their time, and this 272-page compendium of their work righteously and validly expresses the entirety of what truths, beauties and gentle intricacies they strove for.
a fool who built his house on sand: The rain fell, the floods came, and the winds blew, and buffeted the house, and it collapsed and was completely ruined." Then, without comment, he righteously sat down.
We may be "a gentle, angry people," as Holly Near once sang, but we won't be fully free until we also wield weapons righteously. For better or worse, virtuous aggression is the signifier of heroism in our culture.
Is not a season of suffering righteously to be prized as much or more than a season of grace?
And of course Condoleezza Rice is free to be as unprogressive as she wants to be; my point is that the Bush Administration's spin--and really, Stanley, I am not so naive as to think it has anything to do with her on some personal level--has very deftly constructed an icon of Rice as righteously precocious little girl frozen in an untouchable time warp of 1963.