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a righteous collar

A morally and legally justified arrest. The police officer is being challenged to prove that she made a righteous collar. The judge agreed that it was a righteous collar, throwing out the defendant's motion to have the case dismissed.
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slang Excellent; awesome. Wow, that was a righteous concert! A: "I just heard they released a brand-new album today!" B: "Whoa, righteous!"
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mod. good; of good quality. (Originally black.) She is a righteous mama.

righteous collar

n. a justifiable arrest. (As opposed to a setup or a frame.) Spike was taken in, and the gang agreed it was a righteous collar. Mooshoo was caught red-handed.
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The Righteous Mind play McArts, Galashiels, tomorrow and King Tut's in Glasgow on Sunday, with support from new Scots trio ID Kid.
In this election, we are like Pandavas, who are walking on the righteous path while BJP is like Kauravas, who are walking on the wrong path."
Gensburger begins her book by detailing how Israel came to create the title, Righteous among the Nations, and how it came to be used as an instrument of Israeli foreign policy after the establishment of Yad Vashem (the World Holocaust Remembrance Center located in Jerusalem) in 1953.
"He is at one with the universe, a divining rod for righteous souls waiting to be anointed."
The claim that the righteous do not go hungry is made throughout the conventional Ashkenazi selection of verses (Ps.
The exhibition, Righteous Among the Nations, has been brought to Liverpool by Merseyside Polonia and will be taking place in the run-up to Holocaust Memorial Day on January 27.
Dimitar Peshev, the man whose initiative rescued a total of 50A 000 Bulgarian Jews from deportation to Nazi concentration camps, will be commemorated in the Graden of the Righteous in Milan.
Among the photographs in this joint biography is the Trocmeplaque at the Avenue of the Righteous of the Nations, VadYashem, Jerusalem.
How could he have made that deal with Mary's father, another righteous man?
The head of the Hawaii Republican Party has informed pastors across the state that James "Duke" Aiona is the only "righteous" candidate in the race for governor.
Salkin, Righteous Gentiles in the Hebrew Bible: Ancient Role Models for Sacred Relationships.
In the new documentary, Among the Righteous: Lost Stories from the Holocaust in Arab Lands, PBS investigates forgotten links between Arabs and Jews during the Holocaust to reveal the great heroism that took place during this tumultuous period in history.
The League of the Righteous Place Bomb in Symbolic Coffin Wounding 9 People
If they believe in Jesus they must believe him to be an honest, righteous, divine soul, not a liar and a cheat.