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the legal right to occupy a particular space on a public roadway. (*Typically: get ~; have ~; give someone ~; yield ~.) I had a traffic accident yesterday, but it wasn't my fault. I had the right-of-way. Don't pull out onto a highway if you haven't yielded the right-of-way.
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Movements between captures were standardized such that 0[degrees] represented movement directly toward the right-of-way and 180[degrees] was directly away from the right-of-way.
Roulston said the biggest negative impact has been on the railroad industry, which is losing business on right-of-ways that have been inundated by the floods.
Washington Group's contract services will include the clearing of the mining area and road right-of-ways, the removal and stock piling of topsoil, and the building of infrastructure in the form of a sediment impoundment, and ditches.
The City of Palm Bay is requesting proposals for mowing maintenance services for City road right-of-ways at the Malabar Road interchange, the Palm Bay Road interchange and adjacent road area and segments of the Palm Bay Parkway as detailed in Attachment 1.
Non-chemical controls of tansy ragwort and other noxious weeds have been so successful that City Light has applied no herbicide to its 180 miles of powerline right-of-ways for the past three years.
Contractor responsible for providing all materials, labor, and equipment to complete the Annual Citywide Resurfacing & Sidewalk Program projects currently planned or requested by the City for the maintenance of highways, and municipal and rural roads within City right-of-ways.
With creative partnerships in communities like Homestead, we can begin to rebuild parks, highway right-of-ways and other spaces that were stripped barren.
The right-of-ways, the transceivers, and the waps necessary to operate the Ricochet network, plus the two network operating centers reflect intense capital expenditures in place today.
Contract Awarded for Mowing work for city property and street right-of-ways
Currently such devices must be directly attached to the mainframe via a channel, and distance between the device and the processor is limited both by the distances supported by the channel architecture and by the availability of right-of-ways.
This project will include design of a new gate station to be located within a parcel of land adjacent and west of Florida s Turnpike, extending a new 6-inch diameter high pressure steel main along State, County and Local right-of-ways with connections to the City of Sunrise s existing Natural Gas system.
The work will generally consist of: furnishing labor, supervision, equipment, supplies, tools, materials, and services to provide miscellaneous tree trimming and landscaping to medians, right-of-ways and other municipal facilities.
WCG can be quite competitive in terms of cost and timing given its use of pipeline right-of-ways inherited from TWC.
This project will install fiber optic cabling between the Government Center and branch sites, including laying conduit in the right-of-ways (ROW) during road construction for future expansion of fiber cables.
Because of the superior detail and accuracy of the imagery from DAIS-1, it is an excellent tool for both small-area and linear feature activities, such as assessing utility right-of-ways, conducting wetlands studies and performing detailed landcover analysis.