right-hand man

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right-hand man

One's primary or most trusted assistant. Not necessarily a man. I can always rely on Jake to help me—he's been my right-hand man for years now.
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right-hand man

Also, right-hand woman. A trusted helper, as in Give it to Jill, she's my right-hand man. Based on the idea that in most people the right hand is the stronger of the two, this idiom today usually disregards gender, as in the example. However, in the the 17th and 18th centuries it also meant a soldier in a post of command on the right side of a cavalry unit, and then always denoted a man. [c. 1800]
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your right-hand man


your right-hand woman

COMMON Someone's right-hand man or right-hand woman is their close assistant and the person they trust to help and support them in everything they do. He was always by her side and supported her in everything she did. He was her right-hand man and he travelled with her everywhere. You'd be Oliver's right-hand woman. He needs somebody he can really rely on, don't you, Oliver? Note: Less often, people talk about someone's right-hand person. Ricard was her husband's right-hand person and took an active part in the broadcasting business and all other ventures he was involved in. Note: This expression is commonly used to talk about politics or business. Note: There are several possible explanations for this expression. One is that the right side of the body is traditionally associated with skill and strength. Another is that it may refer to the soldier who was responsible for the right side of a troop of horses. Also, in the past, the position on the right of the leader at political or social gatherings was the place of honour.
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your ˌright-hand ˈman

(informal) an assistant who you trust with everything: ‘I’d like to introduce you to Peter Davies, my right-hand man. He’ll help you when I am away.’
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It won't be face to face with the owner because he is not in this country, but there are phones and I am sure his right-hand man will be at Middlesbrough.
The Apprentice (NBC): More hungry young bucks--including Clay, a gay Realtor from Stephenville, Texas--duke it out to be the Donald's new right-hand man. (Thursdays, 9 P.M.; premieres Sept.
Guerilla Black and Bishop Lamont, he's my right-hand man. He's from Carson.
Two of the men - accused ringleader Jonathan Idema and his right-hand man, Brent Bennett - were given ten year sentences.
Widely recognised as Osama bin Laden's right-hand man, he is also the reputed architect of terrorist attacks worldwide.
Not long ago, Byron Jerez was a successful Miami businessman, Nicaraguan tax chief and right-hand man to Nicaragua's most powerful man, former President Arnoldo Aleman.
Robert Williford, who had been Leslie Norins's right-hand man at American Health Consultants, credits his own success in newsletter publishing to learning the business under the Good Doctor.
She supervises a staff of five with her right-hand man and partner, Sol Guy.
In what is seen as an orderly handoff to his right-hand man, Gannett Co.
Berlin-On August 30, the National Post reported that the remains of Adolf Hitler's right-hand man, Martin Bormann, were secretly cremated and scattered in the Baltic Sea in mid-August.
While Clarke's study concentrated on the life and career of Tommaso Soderini (1403-85), Lorenzo de' Medici's right-hand man, Lowe's work focuses on Tommaso's son, Francesco (1453-1524).
"I thought it was unfair to compete with local architects for the little work that was there," said Attia,the former right-hand man of Philip Johnson whose credits in the Big Apple include 101 Park Avenue and The Republican National Bank building on Fifth Avenue.
Senen Duenas, the former right-hand man of Pido Jarencio during his tenure at University of Santo Tomas, passed away Wednesday due to complications following his chest surgery.
Antti Muurinen's right-hand man spent a short spell at Dens Park back in 1997 during his playing days but lasted less than a week.
ELLIOT MORLEY OUR article of August 28 stated that former MP Elliot Morley, jailed for his role in the MPs' expenses scandal, had "landed the cushiest job in jail" as the right-hand man to the prison chaplain.