(right) under (one's) (very) nose

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(right) under (one's) (very) nose

1. In a place easy to see or find. I've been looking all over for that invitation, and it was right under my nose the whole time!
2. When one is physically present. I can't believe that one of my employees was falsifying records right under my nose.
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(right) under someone's (very) nose

1. Fig. right in front of someone. I thought I'd lost my purse, but it was sitting on the table under my very nose. How did Mary fail to see the book? It was right under her nose.
2. Fig. in someone's presence. The thief stole Jim's wallet right under his nose. The jewels were stolen from under the very noses of the security guards.
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under one's nose

Right there, in plain view, as in Your keys are on the table, right under your nose. This expression is generally a reminder that something one cannot find is actually there. [c. 1600]
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under your nose

COMMON If something, especially a bad thing, happens under your nose, it happens in your presence or very near to you, and you either do not notice it or cannot do anything to stop it. I became convinced that something sinister was taking place right under my nose. Then suddenly I knew what had been going on here all along, right under our noses. Note: You can also say that someone takes something from under your nose, meaning that they steal it in your presence or very near to you, and you either do not notice it or cannot do anything to stop it. The prisoners stole it from under the noses of two red-faced police officers.
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under someone's nose

(of an action) committed openly and boldly, but without someone noticing or noticing in time to prevent it. informal
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(right) under somebody’s ˈnose

1 very close to somebody, even though they cannot see it: ‘Where are the car keys?’ ‘There, right under your nose.’
2 used to talk about something bad that happens over a period of time, but which nobody has noticed: Stealing from the kitchen has been going on right under their noses for years.
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under (someone's) nose

In plain view: The keys are right under your nose.
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under one's nose, (right)

In plain sight. This expression, nearly always used as a reminder that something one cannot find or see is actually right there, dates from 1600 or even earlier. John Norden used it in The Surveyor’s Dialogue (1607): “You are but a meane observer of the course of things passing dayly under your nose.”
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References in classic literature ?
He had had them two papers all fixed and ready, and he had put one of them in place of t'other right under our noses.
"Three places right under our noses, which will certainly be given to some bloated favorite, some spy, some pious fraud,--to Colleville perhaps, whose wife has ended where all pretty women end-- in piety."
Our press, and our politicians and leaders, seem to be sleepwalking while deadly games mat will decide the future of large segments of our continent are being played out right under our noses.
MODERN Slavery is one of the great evils of our time and it's happening right under our noses, in nail bars, car washes, factories and restaurants.
Bhullar, who is an assistant professor and assistant curator in geology and geophysics, added: "Right under our noses this whole time was an amazing, transitional bird.
On our Facebook page, Baz Nicol called it a "disgusting trade in human beings right under our noses".
He shows how they exist right under our noses and tries to convince us they are misunderstood.
His experiment will give viewers an insight into the amazing ecology that exists right under our noses, living off and around us.
And with talent like Paul and Keith right under our noses, it's a no-brainer to create interesting television shows that can put our country on the magic map.
A furry little animal has been hiding right under our noses for decades.
"Stanley had obviously decided to dig himself out of his winter hideaway, which had been right under our noses all the time.
THE TERRORIST NEXT DOOR comes from an investigative reporter who exposes the truth about the enormous terrorist threat growing right under our noses in this country--and it provides chapters that offer close inspection of mosques in America, plots for Islamic domination in this country, and how jihadist training camps are springing up throughout rural America.
For more than a quarter century, right under our noses, the legendary Al Jaffeewho has drawn cartoons for Mad since 1955, most notably inventing the Fold-In (yup, he invented it and draws it)has been producing a regular comic for a Chabad-connected bimonthly in Crown Heights, Brooklyn.
Right under our noses, this drug craze has gone from chic to chav, with prices at times dropping below the average cup of coffee.