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Therefore, after discussion with Archbishop Sheehan, I am enclosing the voting record fact sheet on the gubernatorial candidates provided by the Right to Life Committee of New Mexico.
Does the fact that euthanasia and assisted suicide are consistent with the kind of inalienability McConnell attributes to the right to life add anything to the debate over these contentious issues?
Blakemore said that, as of Tuesday, Hall had not received any notification of a direct expenditure or in-kind contribution from Texas Right to Life.
In 2002, 86% of state representatives and senators who were endorsed by Indiana Right to Life won their elections.
They organized and executed another amazing National Right to Life convention in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in June--our 47th annual convention.
Miller authored the state's 2011 abortion sonogram law, and said he expected his endorsement from Texas Right to Life to give him an edge in his May 27 runoff against former state Rep.
California Representative Nancy Pelosi, who has a "0" pro-life rating from the National Right to Life Committee, was named speaker of the House.
As you read in my column on page three, your National Right to Life team has been extremely busy over the past few months.
In defense of the scorecard, Elizabeth Graham, the director of Texas Right to Life, said the legislation endorsed by the Catholic bishops "was an expansion of involuntary euthanasia and imposed death.
In the 2000 Massey Lectures broadcast by the CBC and later published as The Rights Revolution, Ignatieff outlined the evolving understanding of human rights over the past 40 years without mentioning the most basic right of all--the right to life.
The Knights of Columbus of Ventura County, a Catholic fraternal organization, donated the shrine to the Assumption Cemetery on 1380 Fitzgerald Road about a year and a half ago to honor the right to life.
The 11th annual National Right to Life Academy officially ended on Friday, August 4.
Political powerhouse Texas Right to Life is working overtime to try to defeat a compromise measure aimed at improving state laws governing "end of life" medical decisions.
NB Right to Life also wants Health Canada to drop its abortion dispute with New Brunswick over that province's refusal to fund such a "clinic.
The opening sentences of the abortion plank in the Republican platform reads: ``We believe the unborn child has a fundamental individual right to life which cannot be infringed.