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rifle approach

In business, a marketing strategy in which a very narrow, focused, or selective group, demographic, or population is targeted or advertised to. Our competitors have been drawing away a large proportion of the market share of teenaged customers, so our next marketing campaign is going to have a rifle approach to get them back.
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rifle through (something)

To look through something very quickly, roughly, or energetically. I rifled through the filing cabinet, but I couldn't find our tax return anywhere. I could hear you rifling through the kitchen at 1 AM—what on Earth were you looking for?
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rifle through something

to ransack something; to search quickly or roughly through something looking for something. The teenager quickly rifled through the cabinets, looking for something worth eating. The soldiers rifled through every house they could break into. rig someone or something out (in something) to outfit someone or something in something; to decorate or dress someone or something in something. (Alludes to the rigging of a sailing ship.) Joan rigged her daughter out in a witch's costume for the Halloween party. He rigged out his car with lights for the parade.
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rifle through

To search through something quickly and vigorously: I rifled through the drawer looking for my car keys.
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One major difference between the old rifling benches and modern rifling machines is the use of pillow-block bearings to mount a rotating spindle to the bed of the machine.
Rifling machines can be made to use either hydraulic or mechanical systems to impart longitudinal movement to the rifling cutter box.
The rifling machines that use mechanical power to move the rifling cutter box typically use one of three options.
There are several different types of twist indexing systems employed on modern rifling machines.
A miter gear on the axle interfaces with a miter gear mounted to the rear of the rifling cutter box's pull-rod.
One additional feature of the automated rifling machines is a cutting oil system.
The rifling operation is the make-or-break moment in the process of fabricating a rifle barrel.
Since the rifling cuts are so very shallow, any slight imperfection of the cutting edge can cause the cutter to skip and scrape rather than cutting the way it should.
By far, the most common method of rifling barrels today is the process known as button rifling.
Another method of barrel rifling is rotary-hammer forging.
All five of these processes require drilling a basic hole through the barrel blank before any rifling operation can be performed.
The best rifling in the world isn't worth much if the original hole isn't straight.
Even though rifling operations may smooth things out, they normally will not remove tool marks left from the reaming operation.
Many custom barrels are finished with a lead-lapping process after rifling.
Let me say from the outset that I don't think any method of rifling is automatically superior to any other.