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rifle approach

In business, a marketing strategy in which a very narrow, focused, or selective group, demographic, or population is targeted or advertised to. Our competitors have been drawing away a large proportion of the market share of teenaged customers, so our next marketing campaign is going to have a rifle approach to get them back.
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rifle through (something)

To look through something very quickly, roughly, or energetically. I rifled through the filing cabinet, but I couldn't find our tax return anywhere. I could hear you rifling through the kitchen at 1 AM—what on earth were you looking for?
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rifle through something

to ransack something; to search quickly or roughly through something looking for something. The teenager quickly rifled through the cabinets, looking for something worth eating. The soldiers rifled through every house they could break into. rig someone or something out (in something) to outfit someone or something in something; to decorate or dress someone or something in something. (Alludes to the rigging of a sailing ship.) Joan rigged her daughter out in a witch's costume for the Halloween party. He rigged out his car with lights for the parade.
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rifle through

To search through something quickly and vigorously: I rifled through the drawer looking for my car keys.
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But the rifled slug has seen even greater developments in recent years, particularly barrels designed purely for the big rifled slugs which has literally revolutionized rifled slug accuracy over normal hunting ranges.
Now the concept of a rifled shotgun barrel is far from a new innovation.
Today we continue to see major arms combines announcing new rifled slug scatterguns and specially designed slug barrels capable of good accuracy at all normal hunting yardages and we guarantee we'll be seeing more such arms manufactured in the future.
But without question one of the most amazingly accurate rifled slug barrels currently for use with modern slug loadings is the PARADOX rifled barrels as created by the Hastings combine of Clay Center, Kansas.
The Hastings rifled barrel for shotguns has actually been developed along the same principles as the English paradox rifled bores of yesteryear and that's one of the reasons Hastings personnel call its barrels "Paradox" as did the English of bygone generations.
The Hastings combine now offers replacement Paradox rifled barrels for a number of modern scatterguns and all are available to sporting goods retailers at wholesale prices.
There is no question Hastings Paradox barrels have revolutionized rifled slug shooting in the game fields since their performance and accuracy are without peer.
The bore diameter of the 12-gauge Paradox rifled barrel is .716 inches and its groove diameter, .727 inches.
With a modern scattergun fitted with a Hastings Paradox rifled tube and with BRI Sabot slugs in 12 gauge, the rifled-slug loaded shotgun is a deer hunting arm truly to be reckoned with.
Understanding how barrels are rifled may not make you a better shooter, but it is sure to increase your appreciation for your rifle's performance and of the history of our craft.
Shorter handgun-length barrels are rifled through a cutting process known as broaching.