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1. noun An acronym for "reduction in force," referring to the termination of employees due to budget requirements. I've been hearing rumors that another RIF might be in the cards if the company doesn't start turning a bigger profit soon. Sarah's been out of work ever since the RIF at her last job.
2. verb By extension, to terminate one or more employees, especially due to budgetary requirements. Sometimes written in lower case, especially when conjugated. We might have to RIF some employees if we want to keep the business afloat. I can't believe they riffed me, after 30 years of loyal service!


slang Terminated from one's job due to a reduction in staff, often for budgetary requirements. Based on the acronym "RIF," which stands for "reduction in force." I can't believe I got riffed, after 30 years of loyal service! The unfortunate reality of this industry is that it's all too easy to get riffed every time the busy season winds down.
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Undesirable, disreputable, or vulgar people, often used in a condescending manner. I wouldn't be seen in a place like that, there's a lot of riffraff that hang out around there.
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1. tv. to dismiss an employee. (From the euphemism reduction in force.) They’re going to rif John tomorrow.
2. n. a firing; a dismissal. There’s a rif in your future.


1. n. a short, repeated line of music played by a particular performer. Jim just sat there and forgot his riff.
2. n. a digression while speaking. (From sense 1) If she didn’t make so many riffs while she spoke, we could understand her better.


1. mod. alcohol or drug intoxicated. I can’t keep getting riffed every night like this.
2. and rift mod. fired; released from employment. (From rif, “reduction in force.” A dismissal not for cause, but simply to reduce the number of workers.) Most of the sales force was rift last week.
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ALTHOUGH they were once the Nirvana-inspired grunge trio Kerbdog, Wilt have ditched the repetitive, razor-edged riffing of 10 years ago for, well, songs.
Riffing on myths of national and personal identity, Moffatt's ironic revisionism dissects the compensatory romance of sports heroism, the Australian outback, and other founding fantasies.
They lend themselves to heavy riffing rather than intellectual song writing which, initially, they do well.
Christopher Williams's forty-five-work survey frames the last three years of his career-spanning metaarchive--including a recent body of photographs the West Coast artist half-jokingly refers to as his "Maoist phase." The moral center: a suite of images featuring a '64 Renault (with California plates) tumped on its side, the light just catching the smeared fingerprints on its steel body, a make-do barricade riffing on French uprisings more than two decades removed (and obliquely bowing to Rouch's 1961 Chronicle of a Summer).
Apparently riffing on a comment by ur-Nordic chanteuse Bjork ("I thought I could organize freedom.