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1. noun An acronym for "reduction in force," referring to the termination of employees due to budget requirements. I've been hearing rumors that another RIF might be in the cards if the company doesn't start turning a bigger profit soon. Sarah's been out of work ever since the RIF at her last job.
2. verb By extension, to terminate one or more employees, especially due to budgetary requirements. Sometimes written in lower case, especially when conjugated. We might have to RIF some employees if we want to keep the business afloat. I can't believe they riffed me, after 30 years of loyal service!


slang Terminated from one's job due to a reduction in staff, often for budgetary requirements. Based on the acronym "RIF," which stands for "reduction in force." I can't believe I got riffed, after 30 years of loyal service! The unfortunate reality of this industry is that it's all too easy to get riffed every time the busy season winds down.
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Undesirable, disreputable, or vulgar people, often used in a condescending manner. I wouldn't be seen in a place like that, there's a lot of riffraff that hang out around there.
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1. tv. to dismiss an employee. (From the euphemism reduction in force.) They’re going to rif John tomorrow.
2. n. a firing; a dismissal. There’s a rif in your future.


1. n. a short, repeated line of music played by a particular performer. Jim just sat there and forgot his riff.
2. n. a digression while speaking. (From sense 1) If she didn’t make so many riffs while she spoke, we could understand her better.


1. mod. alcohol or drug intoxicated. I can’t keep getting riffed every night like this.
2. and rift mod. fired; released from employment. (From rif, “reduction in force.” A dismissal not for cause, but simply to reduce the number of workers.) Most of the sales force was rift last week.
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"I'm being very careful about the numbers," he adds, "I have not done a survey." The huge number of attendees is, of course, due to the inimitable platter of music year's Jodhpur RIFF. that the festival serves.
Riff app was inspired by the ALS Ice Bucket challenge, which saw millions of Facebookers posting videos of themselves dumping ice cold water on themselves for charity.
He's back for Bigmouth Strikes Again - again, seeing Marr hit those choppy chiming riffs, leaning into the crowd, is watching an icon at work.
What distinguishes the two exhibitions, according to Matthew, is that while Riff is about the harmonious, Rift will be about the discordant properties of painting.
God Is Dead The album's longest track, at almost nine minutes, boasts a similar reverse riff to the opener but is a more doomy, gloomy affair.
In the musical "West Side Story" the character Riff is a cluster of emotions whose untimely departure from the action at the end of the first act foretells greater tragedy to come.
They called themselves Riff and the band was made up out of local and foreign musicians, who enjoyed playing a type of music they loved.
Col's world is turned upside down as the true realities of what goes on below decks hits him literally when some time after helping Riff, he is followed by school bullies (sons of rival families to the role of commander) to the feeding chutes to send a 'gift' to Riff.
The essays are loads of fun, jammed with entertaining connections, unexpected riffs, and endless stuff you've never heard of before (Andreas Pavel?
DTRA's 49-day acquisition effort to develop and field the Rapid Identification Friend or Foe (RIFF) Test Kit was a remarkable accomplishment considering that the DTRA program manager had no formal requirements, no budget, no formal program office, and no assigned personnel.
All these lumps of iron have achieved is to bring riff raff to our beach and when the riff raff go home they leave numerous reminders that they have visited our beach.
A lot of adventure, mixed with a little romance and much emotion, Buzz Riff (Carroll & Graf Publishers) is the second novel by author Sam Hill.
The Guns'n'Roses pop rock anthem Sweet Child O' Mine has the greatest guitar riff of all time, according to music fans.
An extended riff on the life and work of artist Jean-Michel Basquiat, Ghosts tangles with a pantheon of historical and cultural figures and comes out swinging.
She often blends surrealistic imagery with rhythms that riff on-that is, revise-the black sermon form.