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get rid of (someone or something)

To discard, eliminate, or become free from something or someone. We finally got rid of your younger brother, he's so annoying! Would you please get rid of that filthy couch already?
See also: get, of, rid

rid out

(chiefly Midwestern United States) To clean, empty, or clear out (something or some space). Primarily heard in US. You've got to learn to rid out some of these negative thoughts you've been having, and make room for some positive emotions. I'll be spending this weekend ridding out the garage.
See also: out, rid

rid up

(chiefly Midwestern United States) To clean or tidy up; to empty or clear out (something or some space). Primarily heard in US. When we were growing up, we were all expected to help rid up after each meal. I'll be spending this weekend ridding up the garage.
See also: rid, up

be rid of

To separate oneself from something or someone else. I'm so glad to be rid of that project. It had so many parts and felt like a burden for weeks! Thank God we're finally rid of our houseguests and can go back to living our normal lives!
See also: of, rid

be well rid of (someone or something)

To be in an improved situation because one is no longer involved with someone or something. You'll be well rid of that negligent tenant who never pays his rent on time.
See also: of, rid, well

want rid of somebody/something

To wish to no longer be responsible for, associated with, or affected or by someone or something. Though many senators made it clear they wanted rid of the candidate before the election began, now that she has surged in popularity, those same senators are now embracing her. I really want rid of this restaurant—it's been nothing but a financial sinkhole since we bought it.
See also: of, rid, somebody, something, want

rid of (someone or something)

1. adjective No longer having someone or something as a concern, burden, or unwanted attachment. I'm so glad to be rid of that project. It had so many parts and felt like a burden for weeks! I can't wait until the day I am finally rid of this miserable disease. We've been scheming ways to get rid of Jacobson, but he holds too much power on the board.
2. verb To cause or allow someone, something, or oneself to be free of someone or something. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "rid" and "of." The president vowed to rid the country of criminals by any means necessary. I've been trying to rid myself of this cold for weeks. We'll happily rid you of that pesky journalist, but the means won't be exactly legal.
See also: of, rid

*rid of someone or something

free of someone or something. (*Typically: be ~; get ~.) I'm trying to get rid of Mr. Smith. He's bothering me. I'll be happy when I get rid of my old car.
See also: of, rid

rid (oneself or something) of (someone or something)

to free oneself or something of someone or something; to deliver oneself or something from someone or something. The boys were not clever enough to rid themselves of Tom's little sister. Will we ever be able to rid this house of spiders?
See also: of, rid

get rid of

Also, be rid of. Eliminate, discard, or free oneself from. For example, It's time we got rid of these old newspapers, or He kept calling for months, but now we're finally rid of him. The first expression dates from the mid-1600s, the second from the 1400s. Also see get out of, def. 5.
See also: get, of, rid

be well rid of

be in a better state for having removed or disposed of a troublesome or unwanted person or thing.
See also: of, rid, well

be ˈrid of somebody/something

(formal) be free of somebody/something that has been annoying you or that you do not want: I was glad to be rid of the car when I finally sold it. ♢ (British English) He was a nuisance and we’re all well rid of him (= we’ll be much better without him).
See also: of, rid, somebody, something

get ˈrid of somebody/something

make yourself free of somebody/something that is annoying you or that you do not want; throw something away: Try and get rid of your visitors before I get there.I can’t get rid of this headache.We got rid of all the old furniture.
See also: get, of, rid, somebody, something

want ˈrid of somebody/something

(British English, spoken, informal) want to be free of somebody/something that has been annoying you or that you do not want: Are you trying to say you want rid of me?
See also: of, rid, somebody, something, want

rid of

1. To make someone or something become free of something else: The peace movement hoped to rid the world of violence. I was finally able to rid myself of all financial worries. I can't seem to get rid of this cold.
2. To throw out something; dispose of something. Used in the passive with get: I got rid of the old magazines that were cluttering up my office.
See also: of, rid

get rid of

To rid oneself of (something); discard or get free of: Let's get rid of that broken chair.
See also: get, of, rid
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Leveraging the combined power of color imaging and the Internet, RIDS is uniquely positioned to help lockbox providers finally get out of the paper business -- improving their operations and quality as well as their clients' bottom line," commented Bob Kirk, VICOR Chief Operating Officer.
Based on extensive industry research, VICOR has tailored RIDS to meet the needs of banks processing medium monthly wholesale lockbox payment volume, while preserving the ability for full scalability and greater functionality over time.
RIDS improves the business case for VICOR's sophisticated receivables platform enabling mid-tier banks to move beyond transaction processing and, by improving quality and reducing 'information float,' enhance their corporate relationships.
VICOR's flagship product, called RIDS (Receivables Information Delivery System), is the first payment processing and cash management platform to offer full color images and intra-day delivery of receivables data via the Internet and other publishing options.
As Bob Kirk, Vice President of Marketing stated, "Regardless of which current legacy image capture system a bank currently utilizes, VICOR can very quickly install the RIDS Publishing system that will allow that bank to seamlessly provide a full suite of image products, without having to undertake the sometimes long conversion process.
Representatives of VICOR will be on hand at a number of industry conferences in 1999 to demonstrate the capability, scalability, and flexibility of both RIDS and RIDS-sv.
RID will automatically perform diagnostics to determine the user's problem.
If the problem cannot be corrected automatically, RID logs the incident, creating a package of configuration and diagnostic data.
Among the tasks that RID can perform are: identify/fix missing or damaged software components; identify/replace out-of-date software components; identify/fix configuration errors; identify hardware and applications conflicts; install new applications; remotely execute detailed system diagnostics, assign a case number to each incident; store detailed diagnostic history on the host for subsequent use by tech support; provide backups and audit trails of changes to the user's computer.
RID can resolve many routine incidents without technical support involvement.
RID can significantly reduce customer support costs as well as ensure client satisfaction through automation.