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'If I don't get rid of you this way, I'll try another, and chop you over the fingers with the stretcher, or take a pick at your head with the boat-hook.
How a Gardener may get rid of the Dormice that eat His Peaches.
Danglars lost five hundred thousand francs; but he rid himself of all his Spanish shares.
"I have just discovered how a gardener may get rid of the dormice that eat his peaches."
The user wheels the RIDS unit into the infested area, leaves the room and turns on the unit remotely, allowing the energy from the high-output UVC Emitters[TM] to decontaminate walls, tabletops and other surfaces.
But more evidence is needed to prove that HIFU rids men of cancer as effectively as established therapies do, says urologist Peter Scardino of Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York City.
Instead, get rid of dead skin by using a gentle scrub with perfectly round grains.