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Mike Gaskell, Unite regional officer, said: "Our members are furious at the way the employers are riding roughshod over their long-standing agreements.
It's apt that Venus, planet of love, decides to go forwards right at the beginning of the month and helps us all smooth the path towards true love rather than riding roughshod over our aspirations as she has been
GRAHAM KELLY believes Chelsea are riding roughshod over the English game and has urged the Premier League to try to stop it.
The new rules mean residents in Hightown, Ince Blundell, Lydiate, Maghull, Aintree and Melling all face the prospect of developers riding roughshod over the views of local residents.
Surely this outdated and outmoded way of riding roughshod over the majority should be ditched for ever.
It is awonder thenwhy, when they have a golden opportunity to attract more people to it, that they decide to alienate somany people and disenfranchise them by riding roughshod over their constituents'wishes by voting in favour of thewidely despised StrategicAsset Review.
AFTER riding roughshod over Afghanistan and Iraq, the Americans are now doing the same in London.
Scots Secretary Helen Liddell said: "We are determined to prevent criminal Mr Bigs riding roughshod over our communities.
THIS time last week, I had a scathing column prepared taking the football authorities to task for riding roughshod over one of Anfield's most enduring and best loved traditions.
Scots secretary Helen Liddell added: "We are determined to prevent criminal "Mr Bigs" riding roughshod over our communities.