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ride down

1. To descend while riding on or inside of something. A noun or pronoun can be used between "ride" and "down." My feet are killing me, so I think I'll just ride down on the escalator. My son wanted to ride the glass elevator down so he could look out over the entire shopping mall.
2. To chase and catch someone or an animal while riding on a horse. A noun or pronoun can be used between "ride" and "down." The sheriff rode the bandit down, lassoing and hogtying him in a matter of minutes. I had to ride down the calf that ran away from the herd.
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ride (someone or an animal) down

to chase down someone or an animal while riding on horseback. The mounted policeman rode the mugger down and captured him. The rider rode down the thief. We had to ride down the runaway horse.
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ride something down

to ride on something that is going down, such as an elevator. You take the stairs, and I will ride the elevator down. I don't want to ride the cable car down. I will walk.
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The children were riding down a narrow country lane behind a car driven by their father Gary, 46, when Elizabeth's machine was in collision with the Range Rover, which was travelling in the opposite direction.
The youngster went over the handlebars and landed on the ground while riding down a steep grassy knoll near his home.
Now she has suffered another blow after falling off a bike she was riding down a flight of stairs in her new movie comedy Mr Deeds with Adam Sandler.
The boy was riding down Potters Green Road at 4.30pm yesterday when he was stopped by a youngster aged about 15, who threatened him with the broken glass before escaping on the boy's Saracen black and silver mountain bike.
Joshua Upton, 15, suffered massive chest injuries after riding down a hill and into railings in Wallasey.
I was riding down Grand Avenue in Ely on Thursday, November 8, at about 11.45am when a number 17 bendy bus pulled into the bus stop by St Francis School, just past Wilson Road.
At an inquest earlier this year witnesses told how Messen was riding down a hill "like a bat out of hell" on his mountain bike.
The teenager was riding down a country lane just before 10am yesterday near the A fon Goch Inn, Trelogan, Holywell, when he was hit by a Ford Escort.
Police were forced to put the brakes on a dare-devil cyclist they spotted riding down the hard shoulder of a motorway.
CYCLISTS will be slapped with a pounds 30 fine if they continue to flout a traffic order that bans them from riding down one of Cardiff's busiest pedestrian streets, police have warned.
The next thing she knew she was riding down this road
Tim Morgan, nine, was hit by a light while riding down a water chute.
The boy had been riding down a hill at Beach Road, Penarth, when the accident happened.
The team started at Ravenglass in Cumbria and finished four days later, riding down the pier at Whitby.
Michael Harrison, 21, died in Fazakerley hospital five days after he was attacked while riding down Bridle Road, Netherton, on July 6 last year.