hold up to ridicule

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hold someone or something up to ridicule

Fig. to ridicule someone or something. They must stop holding Matt up to ridicule! Who do they think they are? She held up Donald to ridicule.
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Indeed, I doubt not but this ridicule will in general be allowed: my chief apprehension is, as many true and just sentiments often came from the mouths of these persons, lest the whole should be taken together, and I should be conceived to ridicule all alike.
While, with smooth and smiling cheek, the courtiers, each in turn, followed their Prince's example, and aimed a shaft of ridicule at Cedric, the face of the Saxon became inflamed with passion, and he glanced his eyes fiercely from one to another, as if the quick succession of so many injuries had prevented his replying to them in turn; or, like a baited bull, who, surrounded by his tormentors, is at a loss to choose from among them the immediate object of his revenge.
He was not much disturbed by 'The Rehearsal,' a burlesque play brought out by the Duke of Buckingham and other wits to ridicule current dramas and dramatists, in which he figured as chief butt under the name 'Bayes' (poet laureate); and he took more than full revenge ten years later when in
It ridicules the intolerance and sanctimonious hypocrisy of the Puritans as the Cavaliers insisted on seeing them in the person of the absurd Sir Hudibras and his squire Ralph (partly suggested by Cervantes' Don Quixote and Sancho).
I think in those days we were a little shy of our emotions, and the fear of ridicule tempered the more obvious forms of pretentiousness.
This joke does not just ridicule PML-N, or Nawaz Sharif.
Such instances not only bring the honourable courts into hatred, ridicule and contempt but break the trust of the nation on one of the pillars of the state, which is likely to cause riots and turmoil,' the petitioner added.
According to him, 'I have suffered psychological trauma as a result of the public ridicule the election result has caused me, my family members, friends and associates
We take serious offense at the discourteous behavior of individuals by the name of Rey Joseph 'RJ' Nieto and Mike Acebedo Lopez when they posed taunting photos to ridicule Senator Leila M.
Ridicule, Religion and the Politics of Wit in Augustan England.
To ridicule men seeking help for this type of condition is below contempt and is below this great party.
Those who tear and ridicule the Constitution are the traitors of the nation.
with law enforcement's patient approach to the armed militants, have turned to ridicule, using social media to amplify their voices.
The tweet launched an outpouring of ridicule on Twitter, and the phrase "Paris is in Germany" was trending at the time of publication.
DAVID VAN DAY has said his tour of nursing homes performing for the elderly was a "good turn" that had been turned into public ridicule.