ride (off) into the sunset

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ride (off) into the sunset

To resolve or conclude things in a neat, happy, and satisfactory fashion; to retire from work, use, or relevance, especially on a positive note or after a long and successful period of activity. An allusion to the clichéd endings of western movies, often showing the main characters riding horseback into the sunset at the conclusion of the film. Often used sarcastically, ironically, or humorously. Despite the turbulence in the first few years, the president is now riding off into the sunset with a huge approval rating and a whole host of policies enacted under his watch. I'm tired of comedies that see everyone just ride into the sunset at the end. How about showing some realistic consequences for the things these types of characters do?
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ride off into the sunset

achieve a happy conclusion to something.
In the closing scenes of westerns, the characters are often seen riding off into the sunset after everything has been resolved satisfactorily.
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ride off into the sunset, to

A more or less happy ending or resolution. This cliché was originally a visual one—the classic final scene of the western films so popular from the 1930s on, in which the cowboy hero, having vanquished the evildoers, literally rides off into the sunset. It was transferred to other happy endings, usually with some irony, in the mid-twentieth century. “I didn’t even bother getting mad at your crack about me going off into the sunset,” wrote William Goldman (Magic, 1967).
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With one more match of the series against England, a tri-series with Ireland and Bangladesh, the World Cup plus warm-up games to come before he rides into the sunset, Gayle - who averages 38.15 in ODIs - will have hopes of overhauling the great Trinidadian.
In classical Westerns, the true American hero is the rugged gunslinger, the outlaw who knows right from wrong in his gut, the freedom-loving rambler who rides into the sunset on his trusted horse, a rifle slung across his shoulders.
In classical westerns, the true American hero is the rugged gunslinger, who knows right from wrong in his gut, the freedom-loving rambler who rides into the sunset on his trusted horse, a rifle slung across his shoulders.
While the roster has holes at many positions (center, small forward, point guard), the purple and gold have a foundation block to build on and can potentially carry the franchise once the Black Mamba rides into the sunset.
He rides into the sunset with a Lotto jackpotlike pay-off and a massive pension.
"No, Joey, I gotta be goin' on," he says, and off he rides into the sunset.
James Homer's score, by contrast, often sounds too florid, even by his standards, except for the moment when Zorro rides into the sunset, probably not for the last time.
These labyrinths are markedly quest free; we see instead a snapshot of the contemporary zeitgeist, in which Michael Snow's (absent) structuralist cinema and long zooms are reborn in Rodney Graham's luminous How I Became a Ramblin" Man, 1999, in which a lonesome cowboy, straight out of the Richard Prince of the '80S, rides into the sunset and seamlessly back again in a continuous loop.
If you lover to ride horses, be sure to make good decisions so that all of your rides into the sunset will be happy and safe ones.
What if the Lone Ranger rides into the sunset, Tonto is furloughed, and Silver is put out to pasture?
While the public will be glad to see the back of Johnny Cash as he rides into the sunset with his saddlebags stuffed with money, there are those who feel he was hard done by.
While such sentiments were embarrassing even for many American diplomats, more accustomed to hearing blunt criticism of the president both within and outside the country, it is equally interesting to note that Bush, as he rides into the sunset after two terms in office, feels that he has at least one important achievement to show in an otherwise dismal record on foreign affairs: the signing of the nuclear deal with India, which materialised after nearly three years of protracted negotiations.
The tragedy for Prezza as he rides into the sunset is voters will recall that affair, cowboy outfits and Jags.