rides again

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(someone or something) rides again

Someone or something makes a sudden or triumphant return. Often used humorously, especially to make a pun from the word "ride." With its beautiful design, powerful engine, the electric car rides again. The Headless Horseman rides again in this adaptation of Washington Irving's spooky classic.
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— rides again

used to indicate that someone or something has reappeared, especially unexpectedly and with new vigour.
The expression arose from a title formula used in Westerns, most notably the 1939 US film Destry Rides Again.
1941 Pleasures of Publishing Our good friend Helen Bower of the Detroit Free Press sends us a circular which…is headed, ‘Blackstone Rides Again’, and is an announcement for a new edition of Blackstone's Commentaries.
See also: again, ride
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Based on the novel published in the 17th century by Cervantes, Don Quixote Rides Again takes a comic look at the struggle between church and state and the plight of the common man caught up in wars which have little to do with him.
Mrs Brown Rides Again is the third part of a trilogy of plays written by O'Carroll.
l Mrs Brown Rides Again is at the Pavilion Theatre, Glasgow until May 11.