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black rider

"Famine," the third of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, so named for the black horse upon which it rides. The food shortages are at a critical level, as if the black rider has swept through the country and demolished our fields and supplies.
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inclusion rider

A stipulation in a contract (of an actor, director, etc.) intended to ensure that a film's cast and crew is representationally diverse. The term gained widespread attention when actor Frances McDormand used it in her Academy Awards acceptance speech in 2018. Several prominent actors that I represent have insisted upon inclusion riders in their recent contracts in order to guarantee that there will be more diversity on set.
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For years, people thought an outward-pushing force, which they called centrifugal force, was what kept rotor riders pinned to the wall.
The number shot to 104 million riders in 2014, and grew further to 121 million riders in 121 million riders in 2016.
Return of premium rider: While this rider has been around a long time on mortgage life insurance products, the return of premium rider recently has hit the mainstream term marketplace where it is very popular.
The riders that survived after President Clinton signed the omnibus spending package in October included measures to: delay a rule for an oil royalty to be paid by companies drilling on public lands; block new federal mileage standards for cars and trucks (which haven't been updated since 1985); prevent federal spending on grizzly bear reintroductions in Idaho and Montana; delay the ban on the ozone-depleting pesticide methyl bromide until 2005; build a road through a sensitive Alaskan forest; allow grazing on 25 million acres of public land without conducting any environmental review; stall for one year the revision of a 19th century mining law; cut back on protected areas in Florida; and increase public logging in California.
When they meet customer needs, riders become key policy adjuncts--even when they have bumpy rollouts.
The number of Abra riders clocked 7,171,509 riders, whereas the Water Bus lifted 249,911 rider, Dubai Ferry served 56,568 riders and the Water Taxi offered services to 14,541 riders.