ride with

ride with someone

to travel with someone on or in a vehicle or a beast of burden. I'm going to the store for some milk. Do you want to ride with me? Can I ride with you to the store?
See also: ride
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1 -- color) People are aboard the X on Saturday at Six Flags California, Valencia, for a coaster ride with a "fourth dimension" of spinning in their seats.
Near the end of the week we have a hay ride with a tractor-pulled hay wagon.
Women prefer to ride with their significant other (58 percent), while men choose to ride with their friends (63 percent).
The Polaris ATV division launched the "Ride of Your Life Sweepstakes" in 2004, allowing consumers across the nation to go to any participating Polaris dealer during the month of April and enter for a chance to win an ATV ride with Dale Earnhardt, Jr.
The attraction's high concept, melding a special-effects laden dark ride with a (winning) coaster, is a remarkable theme park achievement,'' he writes on the site.
I learned this and more on a ride with Mammoth Dog Teams last winter.
Says Mustard, "I get an indescribable amount of nachas (the Jewish word for great happiness) seeing Rabbi Zack ride with his King David Bikers patch on the back of his black vest.
Rena Thomsen has been participating in the Love Ride with her husband, Michael, for the past three years.
It would be great to start every ride with a little prayer, a blessing and some meaningful message.
1 -- color) Actor Dan Haggerty and his son ride with 20,000 motorcyclists during Sunday's Love Ride.
Interland's gift provides the Atlanta RIDE with solutions to help reach its fundraising goals, attract and retain volunteers, and showcase the latest events and promotions online.
For those wanting to try mountain biking or sample the cushy ride of a dual-suspension bike, there are rentals available, which can include a short orientation ride with a ranger.
Supported by almost 40 volunteers, including veterinarians and health care providers, the LOVER event offers a choice of two distances -- A 30 mile ride that must be completed in seven hours, and a 50-mile ride with a 12 hour deadline.
The boy was on the ride with a family member and there did not appear to be any malfunction of equipment, police said.
My epiphany about the need for a great-tasting, nutritious energy bar came during a one-day, 175-mile bike ride with a friend in 1990," said Erickson, 43, who co-founded Clif Bar Inc.