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''There are further gains for oil shares which continue to ride the coat-tails of a further increase in crude prices to levels not seen since mid-2015,'' Wild said.
It is also impossible to create any form of authenticity if those peddling such a notion don't believe 100 per cent in what they're saying.What'smore,attemptingtotapinto street culture does not necessarily signify a genuine wish to embrace street culture but a ploy to ride the coat-tails of success created by others.
Two upstate congressional seats are listed among the most hotly contested in the nation and even the state Senate is within the grasp of the Democrats if they ride the coat-tails of the candidates at the top of their ticket.
"Local churches need to ride the coat-tails of that and embrace it." He cites as an example the Men of the Church of God, a 20-year-old national organization within his church that was "dying a slow death, and no one was willing to pull the plug." Influenced by Promise Keepers, the group reinvented itself, is now 12,000 strong, and is mobilizing men across the country for service to God.