ride (off) into the sunset

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ride (off) into the sunset

To resolve or conclude things in a neat, happy, and satisfactory fashion; to retire from work, use, or relevance, especially on a positive note or after a long and successful period of activity. An allusion to the clichéd endings of western movies, often showing the main characters riding horseback into the sunset at the conclusion of the film. Often used sarcastically, ironically, or humorously. Despite the turbulence in the first few years, the president is now riding off into the sunset with a huge approval rating and a whole host of policies enacted under his watch. I'm tired of comedies that see everyone just ride into the sunset at the end. How about showing some realistic consequences for the things these types of characters do?
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ride off into the sunset

achieve a happy conclusion to something.
In the closing scenes of westerns, the characters are often seen riding off into the sunset after everything has been resolved satisfactorily.
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ride off into the sunset, to

A more or less happy ending or resolution. This cliché was originally a visual one—the classic final scene of the western films so popular from the 1930s on, in which the cowboy hero, having vanquished the evildoers, literally rides off into the sunset. It was transferred to other happy endings, usually with some irony, in the mid-twentieth century. “I didn’t even bother getting mad at your crack about me going off into the sunset,” wrote William Goldman (Magic, 1967).
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So what motivates him to fight when his contemporaries have long decided to ride into the sunset?
Taylor even sets aside her spiteful revelations against former exes who chose to skip the romantic ride into the sunset with her.
To think that Arroyo has announced to ride into the sunset by term's end in June 2019.
Just when you thought all the festivals had run their courses, you realise that they never rest and never ride into the sunset. Over the next few days, the island will celebrate a number of local products, while also giving us a taste of what they are all about.
In a film franchise that has recently seen long-time member of the Furious family, Michelle Rodriguez, threatening to quit the Fast and Furious franchise in lieu of women being sidelined in the films, Theron swooped in to ride into the sunset with the lion's share of the screen time.
A Margherita and a glass of wine will go down fine before you ride into the sunset, sidecardoughnuts.com; gjusta.com; lodgebread.com.
Cue the swelling music as the girl and horse ride into the sunset. But Gaitskill, whose novels and short stories have always delved full force into the most uncomfortable of situations, has instead produced a complex and nuanced look at love, loss and limitations.
The script has it that coach Klopp will ride into the sunset with yet another trophy in his hands but don't be surprised if his team fluff their lines.
It is no big insight that nobody likes fakes but, more to the point, that everyone likes honesty and,evenmore,authenticity.Sowhenanold, established brand can translate the weight of its years into the kind of experience that remains as magnetic as it used to be, it can ride into the sunset with the younger chick in the back.
A sweeping move by Saints down the left five minutes into the second half resulted in Steven Thompson evading his marker to stab home and the man with the cowboy moustache must have felt his team were ready to ride into the sunset of the fifth round.
If it's truly over, it wouldn't be such a bad thing to see "Luther" take his cowboy code and ride into the sunset. And if it's not, well, it's equally comforting and always enjoyable to have Elba back on the case.
They will say their vows in a unique way - astride Harleys, then ride into the sunset for a biker tour of the States.
According to a Hindustan Times report, the Zen brand might finally ride into the sunset this year after a run that lasted almost two decades.
Children stomp like giants during the “Montagues and Capulets,” grow with music during “Also sprach Zarathustra,” and ride into the sunset with the “William Tell Overture.”
Given the supreme ease with which she cruised into the women's sprint semi-finals with a comfortable 2-0 win against Olga Panarina, Queen Vic will ride into the sunset with a golden aura and a pack of advertisers giving chase.