ride down

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ride down

1. To descend while riding on or inside of something. A noun or pronoun can be used between "ride" and "down." My feet are killing me, so I think I'll just ride down on the escalator. My son wanted to ride the glass elevator down so he could look out over the entire shopping mall.
2. To chase and catch someone or an animal while riding on a horse. A noun or pronoun can be used between "ride" and "down." The sheriff rode the bandit down, lassoing and hogtying him in a matter of minutes. I had to ride down the calf that ran away from the herd.
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ride (someone or an animal) down

to chase down someone or an animal while riding on horseback. The mounted policeman rode the mugger down and captured him. The rider rode down the thief. We had to ride down the runaway horse.
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ride something down

to ride on something that is going down, such as an elevator. You take the stairs, and I will ride the elevator down. I don't want to ride the cable car down. I will walk.
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I HOPE the "gentleman" who encouraged his two sons to ride down one-way street Holmbank Avenue in Shawlands, Glasgow, the wrong way on Sunday, June 9, is proud of his behaviour in front of them.
Filmed in Venice, Italy, the commercial shows the long-haired model with a beautiful woman enjoying a ride down the Grand Canal in a gondola.
Among these programs are Nixon in China by John Adams and Alice Goodman, directed by Peter Sellars; The Mahabharata, with Peter Brook; and Arthur Miller's The Ride Down Mt.
It was then just a two-floor elevator ride down to the studios of CSPAN.
This unrushed tour starts with breakfast at a working coffee plantation, a visit to Poas Volcano and the surrounding cloud forest, a stop at La Paz waterfall and a hummingbird farm, and a jungle-safari boat ride down the Sarapiqui River.
Not only did it thrill our daughter to ride down the aisle on her dad's lap but that thrill also extended to her father in an immeasurable way.
Amazingly excellent writing, this is a stream-of-consciousness work of prose that is divided into three sections, about hopping trains, a bike ride down the coast from San Francisco to Orange County and a section on Orange County.
The winner was ridden by Dale Gibson, who said: "This was my first ride for Alan and I'm pleased as I turned the ride down on Storyteller who won at Pontefract.
In a crash, sets of offset metal rollers ride down the length of two straight metal bars behind the seat, dissipating crash energy before it reaches the occupant.
The Rockettes ride down, jump off the elevator, change costumes quickly and step onto the next ascending elevator, just in time for their entrances.
Mary Lynn stayed with John for awhile, but soon Jamie suggested she ride down the big hill a few times while he stayed with John.
Good thinking if your bomb explodes on impact, but this one has already survived a car wreck and a toboggan ride down a cliff.
Consider a typical nursing home resident who is admitted because he/she can no longer live at home alone: Upon admission, the resident begins to lose a sense of independence and spirit as he or she is told they will be sharing a small room and bathroom with a complete stranger (who may or may not be confused), will receive a schedule for getting up and going to bed, eating their meals, attending activities, and taking showers (they get to ride down the hallway in a commode-on-wheels
After you climb almost a hundred steps to the top, you can ride down the flower-and-butterfly painted slide.