ride down

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ride down

1. To descend while riding on or inside of something. A noun or pronoun can be used between "ride" and "down." My feet are killing me, so I think I'll just ride down on the escalator. My son wanted to ride the glass elevator down so he could look out over the entire shopping mall.
2. To chase and catch someone or an animal while riding on a horse. A noun or pronoun can be used between "ride" and "down." The sheriff rode the bandit down, lassoing and hogtying him in a matter of minutes. I had to ride down the calf that ran away from the herd.
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ride (someone or an animal) down

to chase down someone or an animal while riding on horseback. The mounted policeman rode the mugger down and captured him. The rider rode down the thief. We had to ride down the runaway horse.
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ride something down

to ride on something that is going down, such as an elevator. You take the stairs, and I will ride the elevator down. I don't want to ride the cable car down. I will walk.
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Amazingly excellent writing, this is a stream-of-consciousness work of prose that is divided into three sections, about hopping trains, a bike ride down the coast from San Francisco to Orange County and a section on Orange County.
The winner was ridden by Dale Gibson, who said: "This was my first ride for Alan and I'm pleased as I turned the ride down on Storyteller who won at Pontefract."
In a crash, sets of offset metal rollers ride down the length of two straight metal bars behind the seat, dissipating crash energy before it reaches the occupant.
The Rockettes ride down, jump off the elevator, change costumes quickly and step onto the next ascending elevator, just in time for their entrances.
Mary Lynn stayed with John for awhile, but soon Jamie suggested she ride down the big hill a few times while he stayed with John.
Good thinking if your bomb explodes on impact, but this one has already survived a car wreck and a toboggan ride down a cliff.
College students ride down the multi-media superhighway in this three-in-one Kaplan title.
Adam also knew that after the four-hour mountain bike ride down to sea level, he would return to the normal eighty-five-degree weather.
After you climb almost a hundred steps to the top, you can ride down the flower-and-butterfly painted slide.
The two commercials, titled "Long Gone" and "Long Ride Down," began airing earlier this month.
A true mountain bike - one that will be a delight to ride down twisting trails, along wooded firebreaks, and on sundappled logging roads - has a light-weight alloy frame designed for agility and speed.
STRENGTH IN NUMBERS A girl is one of the crowd who ride down the Meadows in Edinburgh
Shortly after, at around 1.43am, CCTV shows a white van on Green Lane followed by two cyclists who ride down Green Lane on to the cyclepath that Craig was seen on CCTV to be walking down.
These four young lasses look as if they are having fun pretending to ride down their street on the machine.
He took a ride down the historic Grand Canal after giving an open-air Mass to 300,0 worshippers in a park on the mainland yesterday.