ride about

ride about (something)

1. To drive a vehicle or ride an animal in a meandering or aimless manner. A noun or pronoun can be used between "ride" and "about" to specify what is being driven or ridden. Part of the whole prom experience is riding about in a stretch limousine, feeling for a night like you're a celebrity! We took the horses and went riding about our grandfather's huge estate. We loved riding our bikes about as kids, going nowhere in particular for hours on end.
2. To nag, pester, or criticize someone about something continually or to an irritating degree. I wish my boss would quit riding me about getting my TPS reports in on time. I'm sorry for riding you about this, but I really need it finished as soon as possible. The coach rides me about every little thing I do on the field. I think he just doesn't like me, because he doesn't treat anyone else that way.
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ride someone about something

to continue to bother someone about something. Stop riding me about my weight! This is how I'm supposed to be! It's not fair to ride someone about being bald.
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He perhaps cannot ride about on a trained pony with a long stick and knock a small ball between two posts, but I think that if he had to ride for his own life or the life of others he would show you all something."