rid of (someone or something)

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rid of (someone or something)

1. adjective No longer having someone or something as a concern, burden, or unwanted attachment. I'm so glad to be rid of that project. It had so many parts and felt like a burden for weeks! I can't wait until the day I am finally rid of this miserable illness. We've been scheming ways to get rid of Jacobson, but he holds too much power on the board.
2. verb To cause or allow someone, something, or oneself to be free of someone or something. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "rid" and "of." The president vowed to rid the country of criminals by any means necessary. I've been trying to rid myself of this cold for weeks. We'll happily rid you of that pesky journalist, but the means won't be exactly legal.
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*rid of someone or something

free of someone or something. (*Typically: be ~; get ~.) I'm trying to get rid of Mr. Smith. He's bothering me. I'll be happy when I get rid of my old car.
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rid (oneself or something) of (someone or something)

to free oneself or something of someone or something; to deliver oneself or something from someone or something. The boys were not clever enough to rid themselves of Tom's little sister. Will we ever be able to rid this house of spiders?
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rid of

1. To make someone or something become free of something else: The peace movement hoped to rid the world of violence. I was finally able to rid myself of all financial worries. I can't seem to get rid of this cold.
2. To throw out something; dispose of something. Used in the passive with get: I got rid of the old magazines that were cluttering up my office.
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References in classic literature ?
And may the god who sent this oracle Save us withal and rid us of this pest.
The purport of the answer that the God Returned to us who sought his oracle, The messengers have doubtless told thee--how One course alone could rid us of the pest, To find the murderers of Laius, And slay them or expel them from the land.
So come on Jamie, level the playing field for everyone so that the Labour Party can really come back to the forefront of national politics and rid us of these Tory failures.
So come on Jamie, level the playing field for everyone so that the Labour Party can really come back into the forefront of national politics and rid us of these Tory failures.
'This special identification will make the country more secure, rid us of criminals and other ill-intentioned people who use fake identity cards to enter through our border points.'
He said, flowers make us happy and rid us of our mental worries and therefore we should love the flowers, as they love us.
We desperately need an effective Opposition to get their act together and rid us of this minority government that has totally failed to deliver for the people of Britain, whichever way they voted in the referendum.
And even Pope Francis has not taken the effort to rid us of such onerous "rules."
David Hickson, of the Fair Telecoms Campaign, called on regulators to take "vigorous and exhaustive action to rid us of these sites".
Swifter action on plastic risks MORE ingenuous words from Theresa May - a 25-year programme to rid us of plastic - how absurd, and what a joke.
But now that the momentum is there and Theresa May has pledged to rid us of plastics over 25 years, the only question is: Why wait that long?
However, these approaches though still relevant are not going to rid us of the ill of sexual harassment that plagues our society today.
As to the contribution of the exploitation of natural gas to the growth of the economy, Georgiades said that it is a significant but long-term return investment and in this sense "it cannot rid us of the difficult effort to consolidate and reform our economy".