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ricochet off ((of) someone or something)

To rebound at great speed off of some person or thing. The cork went flying out of the bottle of champagne and ricocheted off my Dad in the middle of his speech. He fired at the criminal's vehicle, but the bullet ricocheted off and hit a pedestrian instead. Pieces of shrapnel were ricocheting off of the walls around where the bomb went off.
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ricochet off something

[for some rapidly moving object, such as a bullet] to bounce off something at an angle. The bullet ricocheted off the wall and struck the gunman. Bullets were ricocheting off the walls from all angles.
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"The fact a bullet ricocheted through a nearby window is clearly a concern as the consequences could have been devastating.
Both players claimed the goal after Weir's 20-yard shot ricocheted off Hutchison and beyond the reach of keeper Pegguy Arphexad.
Instead of crashing solidly into the ground, the meteorite hit at a shallow angle, apparently breaking into pieces that ricocheted and gauged their way across the landscape.
Ferenczi opened the scoring after 16 minutes when an attempted Hull clearance ricocheted into his path and the Hungarian made no mistake.
Captain Craig Kohlbeck, of the Brown County Sheriff's Department, said the couple ducked behind their refrigerator as bullets ricocheted around the kitchen.
All of the people present were known to each other and it is believed the victim was injured when shots fired from the handgun ricocheted, possibly off a wall, before hitting her.
A Garda spokesman said: "She's very lucky indeed and would be dead if the discharged shots hadn't ricocheted first."
McNamee's cross was sent back into the area by Ashley Young and, after the ball ricocheted off Dan Shittu, Spring headed home from close range.
An insider said: "Keira was firing two guns when one of the shells ricocheted out and hit her.
Ian Bellingham put Glebe in front from the penalty spot 11 minutes into the second half before Cullybackey levelled when a James Andrews free kick ricocheted off a defender to wrong-foot keeper Brian Kane.
"I thought something had ricocheted up from a car."
The bullet ricocheted into his body but an army spokesman said the wound was not life-threatening.
Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink's shot ricocheted off Marshall's back and into goal.