ricochet off

ricochet off ((of) someone or something)

To rebound at great speed off of some person or thing. The cork went flying out of the bottle of champagne and ricocheted off my Dad in the middle of his speech. He fired at the criminal's vehicle, but the bullet ricocheted off and hit a pedestrian instead. Pieces of shrapnel were ricocheting off of the walls around where the bomb went off.
See also: off, ricochet, someone

ricochet off something

[for some rapidly moving object, such as a bullet] to bounce off something at an angle. The bullet ricocheted off the wall and struck the gunman. Bullets were ricocheting off the walls from all angles.
See also: off, ricochet
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Swift put Bees ahead on 38 minutes, following a ricochet off Wolves defender Ethan EbanksLandell, before Canos made it two just after the break.
Prior to that, Mr Coote hasn't done too badly by the Sky Blues in three games on the road - they lost 2-0 at Reading in February 2012 (a freak miscue by Jimmy Kebe and a point-blank ricochet off Jason Roberts) but beat Oldham 1-0 in September that year with a last-gasp strike by Cody McDonald and earned a worthy 2-2 draw at Preston in January 2013 thanks in part to a Chris Robertson own-goal.
Ledsham tried to clear Mickey Demetriou's left-wing delivery and Jones reacted first, closing in before seeing the ball ricochet off him and into the net.
Grant got a strong arm to the shot and was unfortunate to have the ball ricochet off his head and into the net.
The Birkenhead men's winner came after a 40-yard shot from Jebb was well saved by Jones only to ricochet off the post to Rooney, who was only too glad to fire home.
While physics textbooks correctly explain that short wavelengths of sunlight, such as the ones that we see as blue, more readily ricochet off atmospheric gas molecules into our eyes than do other solar wavelengths, that's only a partial answer, says electrical engineer Glenn S.
They came close to taking the lead in the opening minutes when a ricochet off Adam Barrett looked to cross the line before being cleared.
But there's a rolling motion as well, so the whole catalogue of movements goes something like up, weightless, down, ouch, roll left, ricochet off a wave, ouch, roll right, ricochet off another wave, ouch, up, down, ouch.
Former Macclesfield skipper Neil Howarth saw his fierce low cross ricochet off Rickie Lambert and off the same upright.
Errant drives will ricochet off the trees that rise around both sides of the green and make a double bogey or worse almost inevitable.
In this way, X-rays barely graze the mirrors and ricochet off instead.
Bryan Green, Luis Manuel Narvaez, and Liza Travis ricochet off the walls, spinning and rolling, only to rise and repeat their actions.
A ricochet off Byron Harrison and Jack Midson's tap-in put the hosts ahead in extra time before Reed bundled home with two minutes to go.