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ricochet off ((of) someone or something)

To rebound at great speed off of some person or thing. The cork went flying out of the bottle of champagne and ricocheted off my Dad in the middle of his speech. He fired at the criminal's vehicle, but the bullet ricocheted off and hit a pedestrian instead. Pieces of shrapnel were ricocheting off of the walls around where the bomb went off.
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ricochet off something

[for some rapidly moving object, such as a bullet] to bounce off something at an angle. The bullet ricocheted off the wall and struck the gunman. Bullets were ricocheting off the walls from all angles.
See also: off, ricochet
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Integral to RPN, Ricochet WASS functions as a gateway between a corporate LAN/Intranet and the Ricochet Mobile Digital Network, which operates within the license-free (902-928 MHz) portion of the Radio Frequency spectrum and incorporates Metricom's patented frequency-hopping mesh architecture.
The city's current Ricochet mesh Micro Cellular Data Network provides high-speed, wire-free Internet access and has been operating since 2002, serving over 6,000 municipal, business and residential users in the metropolitan areas.