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Overall, the results showed that there were significant differences of species richness between the four sampling areas.
Unifrac analyses include un-weighted Unifrac indifference analysis (calculating the differences in species evolution of samples) and weighted Unifrac indifference analysis (calculating the differences in species evolution and richness of samples).
Overall species richness at each site ranged from 6 to 33 species.
Bowl traps are an inexpensive and convenient method of quickly assessing bee species richness, but inventories based on bowl traps alone may be far from complete (Cane et al.
To characterize how plant species richness and vertical structure changed across successional gradients, we ran General Linear Models (GLMs) with distance from vegetation edge as the independent variable and either plant species richness or vertical cover as dependent variables.
The four 'binned' richness curves based on zonal countings (Fig.
Kong LC, Tap J, Aron-Wisnewsky J et al (2013) Gut microbiota after gastric bypass in human obesity: increased richness and associations of bacterial genera with adipose tissue genes.
TasteSolutions[TM] Richness represents a real breakthrough in our Savoury capabilities and other areas as well.
The scientists did see that the group with lower species richness in the intestinal flora was more susceptible to developing obesity-related conditions and chronic inflammation.
Moreover, out of the total species richness, the deconstructed richness of narrow and wide-ranging species for each grid cell was calculated (see Appendix S1 for deconstruction details).
Our main objective is to explore the spatial distribution of plant diversity in the Pyrenean area of Catalonia and Andorra, in parallel to the distribution of landscape descriptors that have been proven to be related to species richness and singularity.
Factors that have been hypothesized to influence patterns of species richness at medium and large scales include geography (i.
Several areas of high richness and endemicity were added to the list of previous known ones.
Art is a crucial platform where differences and richness could be displayed.
2009), the genera do not seem to be, thus promoting the high richness within the group.