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Lead author Dr Andrew Suggitt, from the University of York's department of biology, said: "Our models suggest that typical rates of climate change in cooler regions of the world are driving an increase in local species richness of 5% per decade." He said the figure, if it continued over decades - with humans already changing the climate for more than half a century and set to continue to do so - had "substantial implications" for the natural ecosystems of the future.
To better understand the relationship between exotic species abundance with native plant diversity and physical factors in eastern prairie communities, an analysis of sampled quadrat data was performed to address the following: (1) At what abundance is exotic species cover present within the prairie communities; and (2) Does the amount of native plant diversity, including species richness and evenness, functional group richness, and functional group similarity, potentially influence the abundance (percent cover) of exotic species in these communities at the alpha (quadrat) and gamma (site) spatial scales?
Some areas of Jebel Akhdar have the highest levels of both species richness and endemic species richness.'
Noting that Kenya is endowed with richness and varied fabrics as well as diverse fashion styles, the diplomat urged the public to wear any Kenyan attire or any attire from any country in Africa.
Such high rate of sedimentation causes a dilution effect in the basin, which subsequently resulted in the overall low species richness in Mughal Kot Formation.
This study aimed to determine the variation of tree species richness between four forest habitats within Langkawi Archipelago that include of Pulau Tuba (PTB), Pulau Timun (PTM), Pulau Singa Besar (PSB) and Gunung Raya Forest Reserve (GRFR) Langkawi, thus reveal differences in species composition between those islands.
The richness of microflora of the samples was evaluated through calculating Chao1 index and the microbial diversity of samples was evaluated by Shannon index and Simpson index.
(1995) assessed species richness in riparian buffer strips of the boreal forest that were 20 m, 40 m, 60 m, and > 300 m from recent clear-cuts and concluded that a minimum of 60 m buffer strips were necessary to support the majority of forest-dwelling birds.
For each month, total numbers and species richness of bees were determined for each trap and for all traps combined.
Times of celebration in rich colours that can mean birthdays, weddings, job success stand out in richness seen.
Piero Marini didn't only praised the richness of faith of the Filipinos but the richness of our culture as well.
Its idiomatic nuances, rich vocabulary (or conversely the lack of richness surrounding a topic), and variations in dialect teach lessons on cultural values that can't be learned in a book.
Here we first use the traditional 'binned' richness curve to reveal the zonal change in the richness of conodonts.
Researchers stratified the studied population based on 'gene richness' as "low gene count" (LGC) and "high gene count" (HGC) categories according to the number of genes harbored in their gut microbiota and thereby different microbial communities.
Leading global flavour company Givaudan has announced the launch of TasteSolutionsm Richness, a new generation of flavours for the food manufacturing industry.