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If my slave should find it when he comes, and should bring it to Delagoa, let my friend (name illegible) bring the matter to the knowledge of the king, that he may send an army which, if they live through the desert and the mountains, and can overcome the brave Kukuanes and their devilish arts, to which end many priests should be brought, will make him the richest king since Solomon.
Fitted up, within and without, with the richest materials that De Guiche had been able to procure in Havre, they completely encircled the Hotel de Ville.
The sulphur coating of that island was gaudy in the extreme--all mingled together in the richest confusion were red, blue, brown, black, yellow, white--I do not know that there was a color, or shade of a color, or combination of colors, unrepresented--and when the sun burst through the morning mists and fired this tinted magnificence, it topped imperial Vesuvius like a jeweled crown!
Miss Morstan, could we secure her rights, would change from a needy governess to the richest heiress in England.
And now one of the richest known accumulations of fossil mammals belongs to the middle of the secondary series; and one true mammal has been discovered in the new red sandstone at nearly the commencement of this great series.
THE world's richest people have become poorer, with their total wealth falling over the past year, according to new research.
Who's who: Richest, poorest House lawmakers in 2018 !-- -- Gaea Katreena Cabico ( - June 14, 2019 - 5:55pm MANILA, Philippines There are two billionaires at the House of Representatives in 2018: Rep.
Senator Cynthia Villar, the topnotcher in the May 2019 senatorial race, is still the richest member of the Senate.
New Delhi: With declared assets of over Rs11.07 billion (Dh57.82 million), Ramesh Kumar Sharma is the richest candidate in the Lok Sabha elections, his affidavit shows.
Forbes has released the list of Africa's Top 10 richest music stars of 2018 with Nigerian celebrities Wizkid and Davido in it.
The richest households in Britain own a huge proportion of the country's wealth The total household wealth in Great Britain is PS12.8 trillion THE richest 1% of households in Britain now own nearly PS1.5 TRILLION between them, new figures have revealed.
the richest 1% household's wealth is in property It means the richest 1% actually own more than 11% of all the wealth in Britain.
the richest 1% wealth is in property It means the richest 1% actually own more than 11% of all the wealth in Britain.
Summary: The Amazon founder Jeff Bezos' net worth broke $150 billion on Monday morning, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, making him the "richest man in modern history."
LAHORE:It is generally believed that the richest men in Pakistan are the industrialist Mian Mohammad Mansha, the former president Asif Ali Zardari, and the former Prime Minister Mr.