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All these things seem to make it plain, that none of these principles are justly founded on which these persons would establish their right to the supreme power; and that all men whatsoever ought to obey them: for with respect to those who claim it as due to their virtue or their fortune, they might have justly some objection to make; for nothing hinders but that it may sometimes happen, that the many may be better or richer than the few, not as individuals, but in their collective capacity.
This bemoaning of one's self (as you do now) over the first, careless, shallow gayety of youth departed, and this profound happiness at youth regained,--so much deeper and richer than that we lost,--are essential to the soul's development.
``A cup of wine will do thee no harm,'' he added, filling and handing to the swineherd a richer drought than Gurth had ever before tasted.
But as none of this faction needed the services of a domestic engineer, he was none the richer for their support, and the only patron he obtained was a housemaid who was leaving her situation at a country house in the vicinity, and wanted her box repaired, the lid having fallen off.
"But from what I see, family or no family, drunk or sober, the poor gets poorer and the rich richer every day."
But in richer countries, cancer now kills more people than heart disease, according to the twin studies published in The Lancet medical journal.
It's good to see businessman Julian Richer putting his money where his mouth is by giving away 60% of the shares in his firm Richer Sounds to his hard-working staff (Mirror, August 15).
Treasury Action: yields are slightly richer, with no significant impact from the rebound in the Empire State index as manufacturing confidence recovers slightly.
They will be told by the new leaders that the austerity policies will be good for them, but the real truth is that the class that represent them will grow richer and richer.
Like Villar, Pacquiao also became richer in 2018 compared to his declared net worth of P2,946, 315,029.93 in 2017.
STORE staff at Richer Sounds have been handed control of the company by its founder - plus a windfall of thousands each.
MORE than 520 staff at hi-fi and TV retail chain Richer Sounds will share PS3.5m in cash bonuses after the firm's founder handed control of the business to employees.
David Robinson, chairman of Richer Sounds, said: "It's incredibly exciting times and allows our colleagues to feel even more connected to the company.
6 RICHER Sounds staff are in the money and will typically pocket PS8000 each after their boss put them in charge of the group.
EMPLOYEES of Richer Sounds will receive a PS3.5m windfall after the entertainment retailer's founder handed over a 60 per cent stake in the company.