rich in

rich in (something)

Having an abundance of something, especially some valuable resource other than money. The city is rich in history. You could spend days learning about important events and landmarks, and you still wouldn't scratch the surface. This vegetable is rich in iron, vitamin A, and vitamin C. The entire region is rich with the most resplendent scenery one could hope to find.
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rich in something

having valuable resources, characteristics, traditions, or history. The entire region is rich in historical churches. Our soil is rich in important nutrients.
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There was no mistaking the decade, everything was rich in period detail from the clothes, to the beautiful cars and design.
Figueiro says that those screens are rich in blue emissions and so suggest the presence of morning when a person's biological clock should be registering that it's time to sleep.
One tube produces light that's rich in blue wavelengths, while the other has stronger red and yellow outputs.
Using this standard, I can report that Crunch Fitness (Lafayette Street), the IRT #6 train, and various other locales around Manhattan are rich in potential iconic resources.
It's a two-dimensional landscape, represented as a square grid, containing two regions rich in a renewable resource arbitrarily called sugar.