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rib (one)

To tease, fool, or jest with someone. I'm just ribbing you, Tom—I'm not upset at all! I thought you were being serious; don't rib me like that!
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stick to (the/one's) ribs

Of food, to be hearty and sustaining. I'm sick of eating nothing but fruit and vegetables—give me something that will stick to the ribs. Have a bowl of my famous chili, it will stick to your ribs in this cold weather.
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stick to one's ribs

Fig. [for food] to last long and fortify one well; [for food] to sustain one even in the coldest weather. This oatmeal ought to stick to your ribs. You need something hearty on a cold day like this. I don't want just a salad! I want something that will stick to my ribs.
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stick to the ribs

Be substantial or filling, as in It may not be health food but steak really sticks to the ribs. This idiom was first recorded in 1603.
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stick to your ribs

(of food) be very filling.
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1. n. a joke; an act of teasing. I didn’t mean any harm. It was just a little rib.
2. tv. to tease someone. Please don’t rib me any more tonight. I’ve had it.


n. a joke; something very funny. That was a real rib-tickler. I’ll remember that joke.

stick to (one's) ribs

To be substantial or filling. Used of food.
See also: rib, stick
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Thus, once the user is happy with the sequence developed for the first rib, the same machining strategies with the same tooling can be applied across the complete network of ribs so minimising programming times.
Back ribs usually are sold in either full slabs (13 ribs) or half slabs (7 ribs), and are the most expensive cut of rib.
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Based on statistical analysis of age, number of rib fractures, and adverse outcome variables, patients were separated into 4 groups: Group 1: younger than 44 years old with 1 to 4 rib fractures, Group 2: younger than 44 years with greater than 4 rib fractures, Group 3: 45 years or older with 1 to 4 rib fractures, and Group 4: 45 years or older with more than 4 rib fractures.
While this is not a fracture critical component, the pylon ribs are an integral piece of the strut, which mounts the engine on the wing," said William Lahavich, Howmet's director of airframe sales and marketing.
It has to be admitted that the curved ribs have a largely symbolic role, but they do have a climate balancing function: 'I decided to tone down the resemblance between "my" huts and reducing the length of the vertical elements and giving the shells more open form .
The tendency to shrink on the visible side opposite the ribs is compensated for by the gas pressure pushing the plastic against the mold surface from the rib side of the part, Betts says.
In addition to providing a path for gas flow, these ribs provide additional structural strength to the part.
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