rhyme with (someone or something)

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rhyme with (someone or something)

1. To have the same or similar sound as another word. Almost nothing in the English language rhymes with "orange." Despite its odd spelling, "pique" rhymes with "peak."
2. To think of, speak, or write a word that has the same or similar sound as another word. I thought it was rather clever rhyming "worth" with "dearth." It's a little lazy just rhyming "town" with "town" instead of using a different word.
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rhyme something with something

[for someone] to make one word rhyme with another word. I need to rhyme tree with some other word. Any suggestions? Can I rhyme good with food?
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rhyme with something

[for a word] to rhyme with another word. You can't use house in that line of the poem, because it doesn't rhyme with mice. The last word in your poem doesn't rhyme with any other word in the poem!
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"Scone rhyming with gone is almost universal in Scotland whereas in England it's a lot more controversial.
"According to wiki Canadians and Australians also pronounce them rhyming with 'gone' but I'd like to hear what other people have to say.
"I personally pronounce it rhyming with 'cone' even though my parents say it rhymes with 'gone'."
An Italian verse form in chain - rhymed tercets, the second line of each stanza rhyming with the first and third of the next.