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rhapsodize over (someone or something)

To speak or write about someone or something with extravagant, unbridled enthusiasm. John won't stop rhapsodizing over the book he's reading at the moment. I nearly makes me not want to read it! Janet's previous employers rhapsodized over her in their reference letter, so I'm pretty confident we're making a good decision.
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rhapsodize over someone or something

to go on and on about the virtues of someone or something. Young Thomas likes to rhapsodize over Francine, his girlfriend. Please do not rhapsodize over this poem anymore.
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("We exist because someone is thinking about us," she rhapsodizes.) There is also much verbal comedy, sharply played.
When Klein rhapsodizes about a fat-laden breakfast at an Ithaca diner or cognac-soaked prunes stuffed with foie gras, he is making a case for pleasure as a value to be weighed against the benefits of always watching what you eat.
Since she's an aspiring poet--God help us, so is almost everyone in the play--Georgeanne rhapsodizes thus: "He is like something from the natural world." (Who isn't, dear?) "Like something growing with abandon on a craggy hillside.
He rhapsodizes about his eight-screen Veso Mare complex near Athens, Greece, which opened in November.
Farber's gravelly voiceover rhapsodizes about the angles, groupings and use of space in the latter, while dismissing the former as so much "jazz."
In between song selections that reveal a sophisticated affection for musical theater, Mizrahi rhapsodizes on everything from the genius of Norman Norell to female undergarments of the 1960s.
Epp is particularly good as the philosopher Aramis, who rhapsodizes about events so unlikely and hilarious that he comes to embody the playfully absurd spirit of the story.
The author relates her own experiences and experiments, invoking many a humorous phrase along the way, as when she wisely advises cooks to carefully pit stone fruit "if you are worried about tooth lawsuits" and rhapsodizes about a Cucumber and Green Prickly Ash Salad that is "a smooth, crisp, sweet-and-sour flavor bomb."
Luz's 1957 oil-on-masonite-board 'Venezia' rhapsodizes Venice, evoked through minimalist lines and shapes that would become the trademark of the artist.
"Even though the speaker continually rhapsodizes about decentralism and 'Third Wave' forms of flexible governance, his environmental vision is little more than top-down technocracy.
Adapting literary darling Feng Tang's 2005 novel "Everything Crows," which chronicles the sentimental education of a Beijing medical student, the film rhapsodizes about biology while meditating on mutability, and in contrast with the affected modesty of so much similar-looking mainland fare, its romantic sensibility is voluptuous to the core.
My friend GR rhapsodizes that he and his colleagues "are thrilled" that LBC Express, your old reliable substitute for the post office, has developed LBC 360 to lend its logistical support to businesses that are eager to move into new and broader markets.
Williams, an accomplished author and staff writer for The Guardian, rhapsodizes about Miles Davis's seminal jazz album Kind of Blue and explores the far-reaching influence of the album on 20th century music, musicians and music lovers.
Of course, not being a blood relative, her long-suffering husband could simply get rid of her, but "he is the most patient, tolerant, kind man on the face of the Earth," she rhapsodizes. "He has never, ever put any restrictions on me - what I write, how deeply I humiliate him - he's a terrifically good sport."