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rhapsodize over (someone or something)

To speak or write about someone or something with extravagant, unbridled enthusiasm. John won't stop rhapsodizing over the book he's reading at the moment. I nearly makes me not want to read it! Janet's previous employers rhapsodized over her in their reference letter, so I'm pretty confident we're making a good decision.
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rhapsodize over someone or something

to go on and on about the virtues of someone or something. Young Thomas likes to rhapsodize over Francine, his girlfriend. Please do not rhapsodize over this poem anymore.
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Dinkin's hard-won narrow victory over federal prosecutor Rudolph Guiliani four years ago seemed to confirm the practicability of what many in the Jesse Jackson camp called the Rainbow strategy, and what Dinkins himself rhapsodized as the Gorgeous Mosaic.
It was Clifford Sifton who rhapsodized over Ukrainian immigrants, describing them as sturdy men in sheepskin coats, accompanied by their big wives and their four or five children.
Phoenix coach Louie Alas has rhapsodized about his team's defensive might and how much it has become essential in their recent string of victories in the PBA Philippine Cup.
Lenin was "an ideological source of Perestroika." Of Lenin he rhapsodized: "His very image is an underlying example of lofty moral strength, all-around spiritual culture and selfless devotion to the cause of the people and to socialism." All of which is well to keep in mind when reading the Earth Charter's appeals to moral, spiritual, and cultural "norms" and "values."
In the mid-1890s Yeats, along with Maud Gonne, the woman for whom he yearned and rhapsodized for much of his adult life, hoped to establish a "Celtic Order of Mysteries" in a "Castle of the Heroes," located on an island in Lough Key in Country Roscommon.
"Our goal is to give back to the Loveland community, and create a complete balanced development where residential feeds off office, and retail feeds off residential, starting from the entrance and moving outward, avoiding sprawl," Chad McWhinney rhapsodized.
We saw that she has a wonderfully soft and airy quality (are these the fabled feathery pointes of Pavlova and Doubrovska, over which our elders have rhapsodized?) ...
The CEO rhapsodized in his 1996 letter to shareholders about the many benefits GE intends to gain from digital commerce.
After engaging in a warm dialogue with the violins and the harp, he rhapsodized the chromatic configuration of the second theme, and fired his virtuosic stance in the extended cadenza to end the first movement brilliantly.
During the Weather Underground's 1969 "War Council" in Flint, Michigan, Dohrn rhapsodized about the revolutionary attitude of Charles Manson and his followers, who had just killed actress Sharon Tate and her houseguests in California: "Dig it.
Keynes burst onto the scene in 1919 with his The Economic Consequences of the Peace, in which he rhapsodized about the prewar international order and warned (correctly) that the draconian provisions of the Versailles treaty were antithetical to the reestablishment of that order.