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Rewriters see their original, read the edited version, say to themselves, "This looks better," and rewrite better stories the next time around.
But I'm me, and 4 months after taking on this rewrite, which I figured might take a month of nights and weekends ("Oh, a month, tops," as people like me are wont to say), I'm not done.
A rewrite man wrote a story about a PTC motorman being bitten by a dog.
By doing so, the researchers report in an upcoming issue of Science, they can reduce the size of the magnetic field heeded to rewrite a 0 or 1 on this magnetic semiconductor by 80 percent.
But for the first time hackers are sending programs into computer systems to automatically rewrite Web sites.
This year, there are two (non-competing) storage devices that may actually enter the marketplace right in their respective sweet spots: Plextor's ultrafast CD-RW with 10X-speed rewrites and Panasonic's second-generation DVD-RAM with a capacity of 4.
Extra rewrite rules are added to restore the original term structure, if this thunk is placed in an eager argument.
Reviewers don't have to rewrite bad passages in polished form, but they need to give the writer enough information to fix the problem.
ReWrite offers a means of exploring common misconceptions students have about a topic.
For example: Take the sentence "After careful consideration, we have made a determination that fiscal prudence dictates that we refrain from taking action at this time" and rewrite it: "We have thought carefully and determined it would not be fiscally prudent for us to act at this time.
Delvoye, Gomez-Pena & Fusco rewrite authenticity as border art.
After a recent meeting with the SPI Food, Drug and Cosmetic Packaging Materials Committee, federal FDA Deputy Commissioner For Policy, Michael Taylor said his agency may be willing to rewrite the preamble to the controversial Final Rule on Colorants for Polymers, giving industry more self-regulation in the matter.
A good rewrite cuts the raw draft by more than half.
Hollywood had tried several times to rewrite its DOS-based COBOL point-of-sale (POS) application, of some 1.
The Department of Basic Education (DBE) has finalised preparations for the rewrite of the life sciences exams in the Vhembe District of Limpopo.