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reward (someone, something, or oneself) for (something)

To bestow a gift, prize, bonus, treat, etc., upon someone, oneself, some animal, or group as a result of worthy behavior or actions. Often used in passive constructions. It's important to reward children for good behavior and give as little attention as possible to bad behavior. I'm going to reward myself for getting an A in all my subjects with a new video game this weekend. The company is being rewarded for its consumer-friendly business model, with thousands of people switching to their services as a result.
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reward (someone, something, or oneself) with (something)

To bestow a particular gift, prize, bonus, treat, etc., upon someone, oneself, some animal, or group (as a result of worthy behavior or actions). Often used in passive constructions. I try to reward my kids with berries and other sweet fruits instead of chocolates or candies I'm so pleased with my final exam results that I'm going to reward myself with a day at the spa. The company's new consumer-friendly business strategy is being rewarded with a huge surge of new business.
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The particular functions of literary fools, and their adaptation over time and place, can thus be easily, and rewardingly, compared.
Fromtherethe Roodeespreads rewardingly out before you, a small but perfectly formed oasis of green, thehorsesnevermorethanhalfa mileaway.
"It is a new vision of luxury that uses advanced technology to deliver functionality efficiently and rewardingly."
Part action/adventure, part religious history, Although it can be rewardingly read as a 'stand alone' graphic novel, "Eye Witness: Unknown God" continues to document Robert James Luedke as a master story teller and those new to this series will want to obtain the first three volumes: "Eye Witness: A Fictional Tale of Absolute Truth" (97809875892404, $13.99); "Eye Witness: Acts of the Spirit" (9780975892428, $13.99); and "Eye Witness: Rise of the Apostle" (9780975892473, $13.99).
it's hardly what you'd call mainstream laughs, but it's rewardingly funny in its own self-consciously indie way.
There is also an interview with the artist, and a illustrated biography titled "Chronology." The movements and full range of Wilson's art work over her career of more than 30 years are treated knowledgeably and rewardingly in this major art book on this artist.
The study concludes with the declaration, "Le temps de la metaphore revolutionnaire est passe," and it may be read as literary history's response to Francois Furet's proclamation, "la revolution est terminee." It is, however, as performance that Jenny's study is most rewardingly read.
Though Fuller does not rely on Harold Bloom's notion of Emerson as "our ghostly father" (though this is cited early on), his focus on these four critics delves richly and rewardingly into the cultural, biographical, and psychological contexts in which each man agonizes with Emerson's example.
Theatric Revolution remains full of original research, intriguing detail, and rewardingly thick description.
On his retirement from academic surgery at the end of 1990 at a very youthful 65, Boet continued to practise very rewardingly in a private capacity in Stellenbosch for a further 5 years.
But that doesn't matter, because not only is it better for us to live in ignorance but it's also rewardingly lucrative to apply the maxim: C[pounds sterling]If in doubt, use it until the doubt is gone,C[yen] which usually implies death, but anyway.
Capitalization, hyphenation, commas, and italicizationin Rimbaud are all rewardingly and perceptively revisited, and this leads on to an equally engaging discussion of silence and translation in Chapter 5.
That might seem a significant limitation, but it really isn't here: the life itself, and Pugin's world, are so rewardingly depicted that it is worth reading even if you can't tell a sacrarium from a chamber pot.