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After a walk by the river, reward yourself with a pub lunch at one of the locals.
As you reward yourself with some feel-good food, take time to rest.
Reward yourself with a bowl of 'tororo soba' and 'oden' at one of the restaurants at the peak.
? Reward yourself with regular breaks, they are a motivation and a chance for your brain to recharge.
For example, reward yourself with a relaxing bubble bath after you've organised your kitchen.
Reward yourself with a small treat if you give up for a week, then another after a month and perhaps a big one, maybe a holiday or short break, if you manage six months or a year.
Once you've cooled down, you can reward yourself with a glass of prosecco and get stuck into the brunch menu which has vegan, vegetarian and gluten free options.
Whether you are entertaining or not, a home that is spic and span for the season is one of the best gifts to reward yourself with. Identify the week when your holiday pillow covers and curtains can be washed.
When you reach your goals, reward yourself with healthy choices, whether it is a massage, a new pair of sneakers or a new iPod.
When you achieve it, reward yourself with a guilt- free treat.
After browsing around the shop, and working up an appetite in the surrounding fields, why not reward yourself with some refreshments in the relaxed surroundings.
Bonus: If you skip the fries, you can reward yourself with something sweet, like a Jr.
"Don't reward yourself with the opposite behavior, the one you're trying to change."
If you manage to do at least 30 minutes of activity a day for a month - reward yourself with a massage.