reward for

reward (someone, something, or oneself) for (something)

To bestow a gift, prize, bonus, treat, etc., upon someone, oneself, some animal, or group as a result of worthy behavior or actions. Often used in passive constructions. It's important to reward children for good behavior and give as little attention as possible to bad behavior. I'm going to reward myself for getting an A in all my subjects with a new video game this weekend. The company is being rewarded for its consumer-friendly business model, with thousands of people switching to their services as a result.
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reward someone for something

to give someone a prize or a bonus for doing something. I would like to reward you for your honesty. She wanted to reward herself for her hard work, so she treated herself to a massage.
See also: reward
References in classic literature ?
One thousand pounds' reward for the apprehension of the murderer of either Hamilton Fynes or Richard Vanderpole
I took the liberty of waiting upon you, sir, to ask whether the idea of a reward for so large a sum came spontaneously from your department?
Ye want reward for virtue, and heaven for earth, and eternity for your to-day?
Why, the reward for the thief, and the other one for the knife.
But when he left, he left in great spirits, for he perceived that just by pure luck and no troublesome labor he had accomplished several delightful things: he had touched both men on a raw spot and seen them squirm; he had modified Wilson's sweetness for the twins with one small bitter taste that he wouldn't be able to get out of his mouth right away; and, best of all, he had taken the hated twins down a peg with the community; for Blake would gossip around freely, after the manner of detectives, and within a week the town would be laughing at them in its sleeve for offering a gaudy reward for a bauble which they either never possessed or hadn't lost.
This is my reward for taking his part so often, when all the country have cried shame of him, for breeding up his bastard in that manner; but he is going now where he must pay for all.
6) Pursuant to this procedure, whistleblowers who have reported underpayments of tax to the IRS may subsequently seek a reward (potentially amounting to 15 percent of the amount recovered) by submitting a completed Application for Reward for Original Information (Form 211), to the local IRS campus, referencing both the subject taxpayer and the information that was provided regarding the taxpayer.
What is an effective reward for one student may not be for another.
When offered a reward for performance, the claim is that people do the activity for the incentive rather than for internal reasons.
To collect his reward, Krug submitted Form 211, Application for Reward for Original Information.
The entire team should receive the same reward for the performance of the team (Barker & Tompkins, 1994).