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desert and reward seldom keep company

One will often not receive an anticipated reward. Don't get too hopeful that the teacher will recognize your hard work because desert and reward seldom keep company.

go to (one's) reward

euphemism To die. I was very sorry to hear that your grandfather went to his reward last night.
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virtue is its own reward

Doing something because it is morally or ethically correct should be more important and satisfying than receiving some kind of tangible reward for doing so. A: "I went through all that trouble to find her missing dog, and all she gave me was a homemade cookie!" B: " Ah well, virtue is its own reward." No, thank you, I couldn't possibly accept that—virtue is its own reward, and I wouldn't feel comfortable taking money from you for what I did.
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reward (someone, something, or oneself) for (something)

To bestow a gift, prize, bonus, treat, etc., upon someone, oneself, some animal, or group as a result of worthy behavior or actions. Often used in passive constructions. It's important to reward children for good behavior and give as little attention as possible to bad behavior. I'm going to reward myself for getting an A in all my subjects with a new video game this weekend. The company is being rewarded for its consumer-friendly business model, with thousands of people switching to their services as a result.
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reward (someone, something, or oneself) with (something)

To bestow a particular gift, prize, bonus, treat, etc., upon someone, oneself, some animal, or group (as a result of worthy behavior or actions). Often used in passive constructions. I try to reward my kids with berries and other sweet fruits instead of chocolates or candies I'm so pleased with my final exam results that I'm going to reward myself with a day at the spa. The company's new consumer-friendly business strategy is being rewarded with a huge surge of new business.
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Desert and reward seldom keep company.

Prov. If you deserve a reward, you are not necessarily going to get it. Jill: I worked so hard on that project, and Fred is taking all the credit for it. Jane: You know how it goes; desert and reward seldom keep company.

get one's just deserts

 and get one's just reward(s); get one's
[specified by context] to get what one deserves. I feel better now that Jane got her just deserts. She really insulted me. The criminal who was sent to prison got his just rewards. You'll get yours!
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go to one's (just) reward

Euph. to die. Let us pray for our departed sister, who has gone to her just reward. Bill: How's your grandma these days? Tom: She went to her reward last winter, may she rest in peace.
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reward someone for something

to give someone a prize or a bonus for doing something. I would like to reward you for your honesty. She wanted to reward herself for her hard work, so she treated herself to a massage.
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reward someone with something

to honor someone with a gift of something. She rewarded the helpful child with a chocolate chip cookie. He rewarded himself with a night on the town.
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Virtue is its own reward.

Prov. You should not be virtuous in hopes of getting a reward, but because it makes you feel good to be virtuous. Bill: If I help you, will you pay me? Fred: Virtue is its own reward.
See also: own, reward, virtue

go to your reward

This euphemisistic expression is based on the idea that people receive their just deserts after death.
See also: go, reward

ˌvirtue is its own reˈward

(saying) the reward for acting in a moral or correct way is the knowledge that you have done so, and you should not expect more than this, for example praise from other people or payment
See also: own, reward, virtue
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