revved up

rev up

1. Of a motor, to increase very quickly or suddenly in rotational speed. Every night, at exactly 2 AM, I hear the sound of motorcycle engines revving up outside my house.
2. To increase the speed of a motor, especially very quickly or suddenly. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "rev" and "up." The driver beside me started revving up his engine while we waited for the light to turn green, egging me on to engage with him in a road race. Don't rev the motor up like that—it's really disturbing for everyone who lives in this neighborhood.
3. To begin rapidly increasing in intensity, activity, or amount. Sales of the product were pretty low for the first few months, but they really revved up once that famous rapper started talking about it on social media. Public interest in the election began revving up after one of the candidates made some controversial remarks during a radio interview.
4. To cause something to begin rapidly increasing in intensity, activity, or amount. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "rev" and "up." We started revving production up after it became clear that there was great public demand for the toy. We need to find a way to rev up public engagement with this issue.
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revved (up)

mod. excited, perhaps by drugs. The kids were all revved up, ready to party.
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The four famous duos including Martin Kemp and Noel Edmonds with their wives were all revved up and ready to take on the challenges before reaching the finishing line.
But it was a big game and you expect players to be revved up.
With favorite son Fernando Alonso leading the championship, Formula 1 ad revs have revved up $12.4 million for Telecinco this season, Tringali says.
Revved Up's got together with Green Flag and one lucky winner will receive a pair of VIP passes, including all-day hospitality and a chance to meet the teams and drivers PLUS a ride in the track's pace car before the race.
The Netherlands Motorcycle Industry Association revved up Dutch motorcyclists to ride to work to show that two wheels are a congestion- beating transport alternative.
But as some revved up their reverence, others conceded that after 50 years at the top the old-timer has finally been lapped.