revolve around (someone or something)

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revolve around (someone or something)

1. To spin around or orbit someone or something. For centuries people assumed that the sun and moon revolved around the Earth. To think otherwise was considered heresy. The boxer revolved around his beleaguered opponent, wearing him down with a series of jabs and punches.
2. To focus one's concern or consideration solely on someone or something. It's inevitable that your lives are going to revolve around your kids, but you still need to try and maintain an identity of your own. The meeting largely revolved around rumors of potential layoffs.
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revolve around someone or something

 and revolve about someone or something 
1. Lit. to spin or move around someone or something. Do you think that the whole world revolves around you? The moon revolves about the earth.
2. Fig. [for people or things] to center upon someone or something or to be primarily concerned with someone or something. The way all of this is going to turn out revolves around Bob. The success of the picnic revolves around the weather.
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revolve around

1. To orbit around something: The planets revolve around the sun.
2. To be primarily concerned with something: This discussion will revolve around the causes of the problem. Not everything revolves around you, so stop thinking of yourself all the time!
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